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Friday, December 09, 2011

For years I've been...

...coming here and sharing stories about different things with an emphasis on my men du jour, especially the really good ones...and the ones who make me glad I don't identify the most red-flag waving men with whom I come into contact. There have been mashers, ego-maniacs, horny fat bald men...not to mention more than my share of simpletons, alcoholic rednecks and PTSD stricken Viet Nam vets. I'm proud to say that none of them, not even the simpleminded, PTSD stricken alcoholic redneck who I met in Cartersville Georgia...has ever harmed me in anyway, physically, mentally or psychopathically. So, I rarely use real names. As a matter of fact I think I've only done it 2 or 3 times and the last time was years ago. Of course, if I'm discussing a current event from the news, I do use the names previously published. Other than that, it takes an odious, loathsome, evil and malodorous soul to be publicly outed by yours truly.

Well, I'm about to do it again.

Now, I've mentioned CreepyDude and Hoveround-Dude numerous times lately. I never mentioned that they were the same cretin. I wasn't trying to hide anything, obviously...I just never thought twice about it because it really didn't matter a bit. But, at some point, his hoveround habits seemed outweighed by his creepiness...hence, the change in moniker. In case you missed some of the largest, brightest and most odoriferous red flags, let me list a few for you.

---He delivered the worst line I've ever heard......(and I've been listening since the late 60's):"It'll only take 5 minutes, I just need relief. "

---Numerous conversations of this ilk:

He: Could you look up Norelco?
Me: Give me a minute, I'm in the middle of writing a sentence.
He: But all I need is for you to..."
Me: I can't now, I'm in the middle of a train of thought."
He: This won't take long.".
Me: Let me finish this, it'll just take a minute..."
He: All I need is for you to order 2 parts!"
He: Why do you always have to yell?

---He offers to buy me a car but bitches EVERY SINGLE TIME I walk out the door...any door.

---He visited me in the hospital, against my wishes, unannounced and said he HAD to because I wouldn't answer his phone calls.

---When I ignore him long enough he does malicious, iniquitous and fiendish things designed to punish me for not responding to his phone calls, shouts (OF MY NAME!!!) across the condo complex and emails, most of which he sends to the wrong email address. He just can't get mine right no matter how many times he sends it to innocent, unexpecting chicks with Gmail accounts and names similar to mine. The last two times I ignored him completely for any length of time, he has sunk to calling the local sheriff to accuse me of breaking and entering his condo and robbing him. He even told one deputy that I pinched his sad-ass homegrown quality bag-O-weed. Most recently, he sent an officer to my door last week accusing me of robbery again. (I think it was robbery, they didn't arrest me and appeared to be as embarrassed as I was. The poor flat-feet are only doing their jobs.)

---He calls OVER AND OVER again when he sees my father drive out of the complex. Dad's never gone more than 5 minutes or so before the phone rings which shows me that he is staking out my father, or at least his car. For some stupid reason, when my father isn't here, he calls from one cell phone...and when my father IS here, he calls from another one as though my father didn't figure it out after 2 or 3 calls.

---He "bought" me a dog. But...since I didn't have my license with me, we had to use his for the purchase but the dog was put in both of our names. While I was in the hospital, he kept the dog for me and when I got out, he wouldn't let me have him. When I left, he asked what he was supposed to do with "my dog" as though my exit was tantamount to abandoning the poor little guy. I told the nut to give me the dog and he said, "No, you'll take him to the condo with 1 white guy and 3 "n****rs" who run that crack house in B5.". I said I didn't know what he was talking about, I've never even SEEN crack (seen plenty of other stuff, but never, ever have I seen crack). But there wasn't a thing I could say, he had an hallucinatory, quixotic and condemnatory retort for any posture I assume.

---As further castigation for attempting to get this maniacal dullard as far from me and my life as possible, he told me that, "If I don't stay with him, my dog will die." He didn't actually say HE would kill the dog, but the potential occurred to me.

---He lied to me about his age and about 99.99998389 % of everything else he's ever told me.

---When he shops at Best Buy, he walks all over that big store. They don't always have motorized carts with little baskets so he just has to ramble on over to the furthest reaches of the store. BUT...when we shot into the grocery store to get one thing that I walked straight to, I had to wait forever for him to find me after he darted off, unbeknownst to me, to jump on his ride and meander over to the dishwashing liquid aisle. My patients roll around in those suckers, not men who should be trying to impress me.

---He parks in the handicapped spot even if there's an empty spot for anyone immediately to the left of the gimp spot. He can't even save the handicapped spot for someone with a REAL disability who might come along and actually NEED the spot.

---He has offered these incentives should I agree to be with him:

1. His elderly parents will die soon, he needs someone to help spend him inheritance.
2. I would get him, a "pretty good catch, it's not like he "doesn't know how good looking" he is.
3. He has promised me a car in the past but all I want is the freedom to walk away, barring that a car is useless to me.
4. He won't follow through on the plan he "developed with the sheriff's department" to deliver the SWAT Team to the "crack house" I've been "seen" frequenting.
5. A new pair of glasses, Christmas gifts for my kids, a "wonderful life" where I don't have to worry about a thing.

---He told me that he has a gun because lately so many people are messing with his happiness so yeah, he's gonna carry the gun in case anyone gets in his way. That was today, last week he mentioned off-handedly that, "I decided that I should load my gun so, just so you know...it is loaded." Then, one day when I went over to try to get my dog, he got upset when I wouldn't cross the threshold. He chose that moment to mention that he had started keeping his gun handy as he pointed to it. It was on a dining room table less than 5 feet from the front door which was open so I had a clear view of the gun. I quickly bolted and haven't returned.

---As a result of my constant rebuffs, rejections of his "offers", rebukes and refusals, he sent me the following email that I copied and pasted directly from the email to this post:

"iam ready to take all my pain plls think that will help me i do cya"

---He drove around the complex and when he saw me sitting in the shade of our Florida room, he shouted out, "CUNT!!!" I laughed because I was the only person who knew it was for me. All the other neighbors just had to wonder why a 63 year old man was driving around, alone in his car, shouting obscenities out the window.

---When he couldn't get in touch with me, he went to my girlfriends condo harassing her. She told me that he knocked on every door in her building (she's the only chick) and a few other doors around the complex (where other men live) accusing the occupants of "harboring" me. (Harboring was his word, hence the quotes.)

As stupid as it might sound, I actually had a good reason for associating with him. (Well, I thought it was a good reason at the time.) And, if I ever finish recording my walk on the "act like a child" side, it just might benefit me in some way. Anyway, I'll explain that some other time. That rationale doesn't remove my responsibility for what has happened...I'm aware of that. But, I hope my reasons mitigate my culpability to some extent.

I've been trying to give him as little information as possible so that he couldn't harass as many people as he could if he knew more about me. He's also made it clear to me that anyone I care about, may care about or ever have cared about is not at all safe from his wrath. But, even as I was trying to protect, myself, my family, my friends and other people who have nothing to do with this pathetic situation...he did find this blog. And what he did after that is what will get him the honor of being publically outed as the degenerate, miscreant and all around reprehensible loser that he is.

I had foreseen a few potential acts of treacherous behavior. I knew about the gun. I knew he was manipulating me using the love my dog and I have for each other and the concern I have for Butkis when I'm not with him. I knew he had embarrassed me in front of people I've never met when he disturbed their lives in a most unpleasant manner. I knew he had intruded upon every aspect of my life that I ever mentioned to him. But, today I found out that he has been communicating with my ex-husband and pathetic members of his family who have nothing better to do than to communicate with a potentially dangerous, obviously unbalanced misfit as long as it means meddling in my life. So, since my ex and the aberrant nitwit that I foolishly associated with seem to enjoy chatting with others who know me, perhaps some of you might be interested in contributing. Here is Walt's Facebook link, feel welcome to accuse me of things I've never done, call me some undeserved names and be sure to give him lists of my current activities. Don't worry if you don't have a clue what I've been up to, veracity is not required in his games. If you friend the nut, you can even keep up with his self-serving babbles.

Walt Lundy
rick i live in tampa fla and think i have met youre x wife,meg kelso . i have heare her bash you , cuss you for a while, i was dateing her over the summer,i wanted to find out if she has severe mental, drug problems,we are not seeing eachother any more as she has broken into my condo, stole my nerve pills sleeping pills and recently she robbed me for my pain meds. called sheriffs if youre the rick in montana or out west i sure would like to talk to you i really think shes a timebomb, please reply if youre the guy thanks walt

Rick Kelso
Hey Walt, Yes I am the guy, sorry to hear what she did to you. Wow it's really hard to believe she is still bashing me after almost 7 years, i forgave her a long time ago. I would suggest to stay far away from her as possible as she can be very vendictive.

Walt Lundy
does she have mental problems? drug dependance all she talked about is she needed her zanex and she would be fine right, she ran off half crazy

Rick Kelso
She hasn't learned to forgive so the drugs take the place. Course I smoke a lot of weed myself.

Walt Lundy
youre right thanks

Here's Walt's Facebook link:



Anonymous Anonymous said...

(groan) If this is the fat, bald guy in the pool picture, it's hard to see (pun intended) the attraction except he looks like an older version of Rick of the Bent/Broken/Mutilated/Spindelled-Dick fame.
But Meg, Just on principle I wouldn't go near something like that just based on the name alone-the
"Creepy" factor sky-rockets when it's one letter off from a last name like "Bundy."

May 21, 2012  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

LOLOL...yeah, that dude is more than nuts. He's the psychopath to whom I refer. Yeah, you got the right one.

May 21, 2012  

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