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Friday, July 05, 2013

If I Hear One More Igoramous...

...tell me how "nice" Walter is, I think I'll lose whatever degree of control over myself that I have. In my entire life, every single man who has ever been abusive toward me has been a "nice guy", according to others.  I'm sure that that other women who has ever suffered abuse, at the time, has gone through the same thing, If so, please let me know.

Another problem, abusive men are Scaramouch's who would never act like a jerk in front of others. The simple fact is, these men (or women)  have differing affects dependent upon with whom they are conversing.

Like defense counsel said the other day, "So, basically this is a he said she said thing?" I responded that abusers NEVER commit the crimes in front of other people. I'm quite sure that the people who know the abuser on a social level can easily think that they are swell dudes.

Heck, the day he dropped a key off here, the dude with whom he spoke said to me, "I felt sorry for him, he's such a nice guy"

The court Monday was only supposed to an approval of the plea bargain. Now he is so into his stupid story, he  "wants to actually go to  trial in September, which would be taking my testimony...which would be the truth...but he's such a liar that he may be one of those psycho's who can pass any lie detector early.

I know that he can't pass the stupid test, anyway. If he does anything regarding the lie detector test, anything, in court, it will open up his entire test to cross-examination, if it is allowed in..


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can relate. My ex broke mycheek and people said he's so nice! If they only knewthe truth

July 06, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh yeah, thats far to familiar. anyone acquainted with a woman beater knows exactlywhat you mean.

July 06, 2013  

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