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Monday, July 29, 2013

OK then...I suppose I should answer a few questions!

First of all, last Monday morning I came to in the shower and had no clue what was going on. I made it to the hospital and they admitted me right away. Because of the titanium in my jaw from the fracture, they couldn't do an MRI. They did do a CT angio and it showed a stroke...again! As usual, they couldn't get an IV in so they put in a central line. I was dehydrated (I have no clue how long I was on the shower floor) so they gave me fluids for about 3 days and they're still giving me IV pain meds for the headache. I'm getting a few other IV meds as well.

My left side is barely movable but I'm working on that with physical therapy and occupational therapy. I'll get it working though...mark my words. I was rather confused for the first day or two but I'm catching up so it's all good. I can't tell you where I am (unfortunately) because Walter James Lundy, the loony dude, is sending me threatening emails and I have no clue what he's got up his sleeve. He's busting the heck out of the restraining order...I guess he thinks that there's nothing I can do from LA. He be wrong. :)

Today my daughter called to tell me that Joaquin wanted to "go to Grandma's house". He thinks I live here. I was just so tickled that he wanted to come see me. They were here for a while but he needed a nap (as do I!) so they left a little while ago. I think I'll take my nap after I finish this post. I'm exhausted and I only slept for about 3 hours last night.

Oh! BTW...they bring dogs in to visit the patients and I have a few pictures of me and the puppy's...I'll scan them when I can and post them here for you guys. I'm glad that I have my laptop because they don't have cable here and I like reading the news and watching movies. Otherwise I'd be dreadfully bored. I have to type with one finger so it takes forever to write anything but as soon as I get some more strength in my fingers, I'll try to clean up after Joaquin and type more about what I'm going through here. I do have some good tales to tell you that I'm sure you'll enjoy.

Well, other than the stroke, the paralysis and the nasty headache, my trip has been wonderful. If Walter keeps this crap up, my father will be sending for me so that I can see to it that he DOES go to jail. That should spread smiles around. Mmh...they brought lunch in and I'm chowing down on some really sweet strawberries. I'm a berry-holic...I've got it bad!

OK then, I'll let you know what's happening, have a great day!


Blogger q1605 said...

Was it a clot or a bleed?

July 29, 2013  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

First of all, there's one other option...atherosclerotic plaque build up. Since they can't do an MRI, they aren't sure but they're calling it an ischemic stroke. Yesterday they actually mentioned the possibility of a skilled nursing facility. Ihave no clue what's going on but as soon as I find anything out, I'll let you know.

July 30, 2013  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Best Wishes!

August 02, 2013  

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