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Monday, July 22, 2013

Today is the day...

...that I begin work on rebuilding my life after one of the most hideous situations that I have ever endured in my life. I knew from the start that Walter was a jerk...so much so that I began dating him for the humor involved. He did things that I had never seen done before, like tossing trash out of his car window by the bags full, driving around and around to find the closest handicapped parking spot whether or not it was the closest to the door he was entering and using the little handicapped vehicles to go shopping for one item but walking all around stores without the scooters available.

His "handicap" is that he has emphysema. It's relatively bad, but not so bad that he can't smoke 2 packs of cigarettes a day. He is the second person I have met in my life who smokes in his car with the windows shut and then refuses to allow me control over the passenger window. If I dared to open the window to seek relief from the smoke or heat, he would get angry and use his control to lock the passenger controls so that I couldn't use them. He stole my dog and then wouldn't let me see him before I left but, after he saw me and my father loading suitcases in the car as we left for the airport he grabbed the dog and sat on a curb with MY dog and waved his little paw at me as we drove away.

I'm not sure  how it happened but I allowed the relationship to "develop" into a twisted, miserable episode of my life that left me with a broken hand and hideously bruised back (not to mention the broken jaw!) as a result of me trying to walking away from one of his childish tantrums that I could neither stop nor deal with. The injuries occurred at his front door as I tried to open it to leave. Injured and frightened, I escaped to his bedroom and barricaded myself inside where I remained for 4 days until I finally talked him into taking me to the doctor. The doctor called the police as a result of my injuries and Walter was arrested and charged with felony battery and false imprisonment. I agreed to a plea bargain in order to be able to leave Florida rather than stay indefinitely for a trial. He plead guilty to a charge of battery and I agreed to a non-adjudicated plea in exchange for a promise from him to return my dog. He broke that promise because he knew that I wanted to leave the state as soon as possible and he gambled that I wouldn't argue much and he won that bet because I really had no choice as he left me homeless and in no shape physically to fight back in any way other than this blog. So, he may get the conviction expunged from his record which is already stained with crimes against women. This is the only way that I have to warn other women to stay away from this bully who tells me that his friends who have read this blog have said, "Walter, I can't believe that she is talking about you!" He said that thinking that I would doubt myself but it didn't work...I know people well enough to know that he doesn't fool them anymore than he fools me now. As a matter of fact, his "best friend", refuses to talk to him because the friend, Kevin, asked me if I knew that Walter had hepatitis B. I asked Kevin how sure he was and he said, "100%." When I confronted Walter, he said that he had "liver cancer". Why people think they can lie to a nurse about health issues is beyond me. That was the issue that finally put an end to the twisted relationship that I walked right into.

Someday I may discuss how it happened but for now let me admit that Walter kept me rather medicated with morphine, oxycodone and the xanax that I needed so badly. I certainly take the lion's share of the blame for that one, I knew better. But Walter kept my mail from me so that I never knew that I had Medicaid. If I had known, I would have gotten my own medication and he needed the control he maintained over me so he went to a doctor named Dr. Libreros to get the medication every month. By the time I walked away, I felt quite ill for weeks as I went through the withdrawal that I feared but it was better than staying with him.

He was able to get the medication as the result of a "fall" that he suffered at his father's home. I heard him call one attorney after another, adjusting his story as lawyers gave him reasons why he had no case. As a result, an insurance company called Universal Property and Casualty will be paying out thousands of dollars to satiate Walter's greed.

Now, for the last time, I accept my own responsibility in this situation so be assured that I am not claiming to be a totally innocent victim. But, one more chance for me to be a bitch...Walter's phone number is 813-340-5315 and he still has my dog. If you'd like to speak to a liar of amazing proportions, give him a call. I'd appreciate it if you would tell him to give me my dog...no matter what it takes for him to accomplish that. He lied to me, his lawyer and the state of Florida and even after reading everything that I've written, he sent me this today:

What's wrong? You don't say anything! Car is still down ! If you want me to stop  my feelings I will all I have is love but its getting worse the private stuff we talked about on the blog !! That's hitting below the belt! You're making fun of my misery , loosing mom no dads getting bad yea ? You know all I wanted was you to love and take care of. Iam not looking for my inheritance but it is there. We talked about a lot but not for all these nit wits on the Internet you know my intentions are good!! Live love cherish life!! I love you  walt call me when you can where are you stating? Please talk !!! Dad and I might go to Vegas if so want to come visit?? Let me know hope all is well wish the best. Bye LU w

OK...enough of Walter James Lundy of Tampa Florida for now. Now...on with life.


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