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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Good morning!

I had a bit of a scare last night when I came to the blog and it was gone. For about a half an hour, I was getting nothing but a blank screen and I had just about resigned myself to the fact that it was gone forever. Luckily, Biff is a computer dude so he helped me get it back up easily. All he had me do was go to the template and hit save edits without editing anything. That worked immediately but it got me thinking, what would I do if it did disappear?

I guess I'd have a lot more free time on my hands. I would start another one but then, how would you find it? For now, the only answer that I have is to tell you to email me at megbkelso@gmail.com but I'm currently talking to the blogger people (don't they sound like a scary group?) and I'm going to find out what happened. This has never happened before, ever. I've had a bug here or there, but nothing close to having the entire thing run off into cyber-land.

I think I have an idea what happened but I'm not going to say anything until I'm sure. When I find out, I'll let you know. I will get to the bottom of it, to be sure.

Today I'm going to take my friend to the wound care center. I was calling her May but she gave me another name to refer to her as only I forgot what it was. I'll ask her again today. Anyway, she has a new wound today, one that occurred when I was taking care of her the other night.

I was wheeling her from her table to the phone (a distance of about 6 feet) so that she could speak on it and somehow, her foot dragged in such a way that her entire toenail came off. She didn't feel it at all, thank God. I didn't even know that it happened until I saw the blood on the floor. I was about to give her a pedicure and as a result of that mishap, I only had to do 9 toenails.

When I saw what had happened, I immediately grabbed some guaze and applied pressure for a while to stop the bleeding. I saw the toenail on the floor before she did and I was so upset that I didn't say a word. She asked if her nail had been damaged and I used my eyes to point out her toenail. Up until then, it just looked like a drop of blood since it had red polish on it already.

She has some serious medical problems and they've caused such severe neuropathy that she didn't feel it at all. As a nurse, if I see people injured, it doesn't usually bother me. I just do what needs to be done. But with people that I care about, like my kids, my reaction is a bit different. Then I react like anyone else would when I see an injury. It's a gut feeling that any parent who has ever had an injured kid would understand.

Well, that's the feeling that I had when I saw her injury. Apparently, I care more deeply for her than even I had realized. She's a lovely woman who has had some of the most awful things happen to her during her life. I feel so badly for her. In one year, she lost her father, learned that she had MS and had her husband walk out on her. She raised her kids alone and has been alone ever since. She comes from an old Southern family. Her father and his entire family were all doctors and they even owned a hospital in Rome, Georgia.

She certainly had a nice life as a young child and a young woman, but once she hit her 30's, her life has gone downhill ever since. Now she is unable to walk and her upper body is losing it's ability to move as well. Her daughter had her basement remodeled into an apartment for my friend to live in but she pretty much just stays down there in her bed all day with no one but paid care-takers who visit occasionally. The daughter will go down there and toss a sandwich at her but she rarely has anyone to talk to.

People ask me how I handle my problems. Well, if I ever start to feel sorry for myself, I just have to think of her. People all feel sorry for themselves now and then, but there is ALWAYS someone else who has it worse than you do. All you have to do is look far enough and you'll see someone else with problems worse than your own. My friend handles her problems with such grace that I would have to be a completely self involved ass not to realize that my problems aren't as bad as they could be.

We certainly all feel that our own problems are worse than anyone else's and that's OK. But we have to acknowledge that other people have their own problems and to them, theirs are always worse. That's just human nature. If you want to insure that you are miserable, just dwell on your own problems long enough and you will be as miserable as you'd like to be. I've certainly had my moments where I felt as though I was the most pitiful person to ever exist, but luckily, those moments don't last too long.

Today I have to wait for her daughter to come and pick me up, then I'll go over and get my friend dressed. Then, we'll wait for Cobb County Transit to send a senior citizen's bus out to pick us up and take us to the wound care center. When I was driving, I took care of her well enough that I kept her sore under control. But since I haven't been able to drive, that sore has gotten much worse and she has even developed a few new ones.

I feel badly enough that I can't drive but I didn't think how that affected anyone else right away. Not only has it affected my friend, but it's also affected my dog. He loves to go for rides in the car with me. He isn't able to now, of course. Occasionally, I'll ask a friend if the dog can come with us if they have a vehicle that would be appropriate for a dog.

I don't understand something. I lost my license for a year, supposedly. They took it last May but it wasn't officially suspended until I went to court in October. So, before it's over, I will have gone without it for well over a year. Of course, it's been suspended twice so I'll have to pay a couple of re-instatement fines before I can get it back.

I guess if your license is suspended twice, you really, REALLY can't drive. A friend of mine told me that I should go to another state and get a license. I don't know how that works. But, for today, I don't have one at all so I won't be driving. But, I will be traveling!

I'm going to get ready for my ride to come and get me, in the meantime, have a good day and I'll see you later!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

you take the old one and hand it to them ( the new state) goto NC, they give you one on the spot..use a motel as the address..and room number as the apt..then you smile and thats it..
take a day trip to ashville and do it..

June 21, 2006  
Blogger Meg said...

I've heard that Tennessee is good as well. I've wondered how that could be legal. Unfortunately, the local authorities are aware of my blog so they'd be waiting for me to drive with my new, out of state license. I'm quite sure they'd come up with some crime that I'd be guilty of. Perjury comes to mind, I'd have to lie on a state form to get the stupid thing. Damn.

June 21, 2006  

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