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Sunday, June 18, 2006

I've heard it said that we women...

...tend to over analyze things and maybe I'm doing just that. Rick and I speak on the phone occasionally and email each other often. We rarely discuss the blog, as a matter of fact, the only time that we have discussed it recently was the time that I told him to have his friend Tish stop calling me or she would end up being the subject of a post herself. Obviously, she didn't listen to him (if he even did tell her what I said) or she wouldn't have kept it up.

Usually Rick and I just chat about what's going on in our lives and the usual things that "friends" talk about. After I wrote about Biff's birthday, he sent me an email that included this comment:

"...I read your blog i'm glad to see at least your having fun..."

At first, I didn't think much about that but after a while, I began to wonder how he meant that. It had nothing to do with the rest of the email, it was just stuck in there at the end. So, once I started thinking about it, I began to come up with possible hidden meanings in the sentence.

Did he mean it just the way it sounded? I doubted it. Especially considering the post that he had just read mentioned Biff's birthday blow job. Was he being sarcastic? Was there a touch of anger in the comment? I have no clue.

As many women do, I sat there disecting the message and looking for clues as to what he was saying. If he had SAID it to me, I would have had the added nuances of the inflections that he put on each word. But, in an email, I had nothing but the words themselves to go on. He's going on with his day, most likely not giving that email a second thought and there I was, curiously considering what he REALLY meant.

I've always thought that if you wanted to know what a man meant by something he did or said, your best bet would be to ask another man. So, I did. The man I asked said that it was probably sarcasim. But, Rick was the one who cheated, surely he couldn't be jealous over anything that I'm doing...right? I don't give his love life a second thought, why would he have any thoughts about mine?

But then, I wondered, why would he even mention it in the first place? I've gone around in circles for a few days and I keep ending up right back where I started when I got the stupid thing. I'm pretty good at reading people and yet I have no clue what that comment meant.

Men, you guys have to be careful what you say to us. We will think and think about every word you say and discuss it with our friends in an attempt to learn the true meaning of the things that you say.

I don't know why we do that. From what I've observed about men, they usually aren't much deeper than a small thimble (I was listening, Ann!) when it comes to such matters.

Oh well. It doesn't really matter. It just means that I've had a bit too much time on my hands this weekend. So, I'm going to try to busy myself with something more interesting and if I do, I'll be back to let you know what it was. In the meantime, I hope you're all enjoying a Happy Father's Day!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good Gawd, don't I know this feeling. I over think everything! Especially if it's said by a man. What makes us do that? What are we looking for? Too darn bad they don't have a pill for that one!

June 18, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think he is meaning it in a sexul sarcastic way..i dont think he really thought you would sleep with someone else and now you even brag about how good the blow jobs are..so hes being sarcastic..yet he is also HURT..and thats why he left it till the end of the email..the email was all about the fact you did someone, but he didnt want to say that..so he BS and then let it out in the end..
thats what we men do..

June 19, 2006  
Blogger Meg said...

LOL...trust me, Rick KNOWS how good the blow jobs are:):):)

June 19, 2006  

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