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Monday, June 19, 2006

I just got home...

...from my friend's house. I spent the night taking care of her and chatting. We watched a movie and I gave her a pedicure. I'll be going back to help her out again on Wednesday.

I've gotten a lot of emails and a few comments saying to go ahead and take the Marinol. I will eventually take it, especially after the way that I've been feeling lately. For most of the weekend I haven't been able to hold down water or tea so I most certainly need the stuff. They gave it to me to increase my appetite but it also helps nausea so it will help me in a couple of different ways. The only thing that I'm waiting for is to talk to the PO and find out what I should do so that if they do test me next time, I don't end up waiting in jail for some lab to tell them that I did take Marinol and not smoke pot. The regular tests that they give you right there in the office don't tell that, it would just come up positive for THC and that can't be. I am so NOT in the mood to sit in jail. I was freezing the entire time that I was there in February because they didn't have heat and as bad as that was, I don't want to be sitting there in the Georgia heat. I went outside early this morning and it was already hot out there. It would be miserable in jail.

Besides, if nausea and loss of appetite is the problem, jail food is certainly not the solution. That stuff was the nastiest food that I have ever eaten. In the morning they give you a box of cereal and a bag with 4 slices of bread and some low grade bologna and cheese. I don't like Oscar Meyer bologna, I certainly couldn't tolerate that crap that was probably rejected by Alpo. Every night they serve breaded and fried meat by-products. One night they'll call it chicken and the next beef, but I think it's all the same nasty crud covered in some bland, congealed pudding/gravy shit that's a different color according to what they call the meat. If they are calling it chicken, the congealed pudding crap is yellow, if they call it beef, it's brown. Marines in boot camp would go on strike if they were served that slop.

Bartow's food was delicious after eating the Cobb County crap. I honestly believe that they go out of their way to make it nasty, there's no way that anyone would come up with food so bad without putting effort into it.

If I hadn't been to Cobb's lovely resort already, I would feel quite righteous in taking the Marinol, but having been a visitor already, I'm a bit paranoid about that place. I come from Chicago and I doubt that corruption there is as bad as it is here. The only people I saw who seemed to realize that they worked in the justice field were the judges. Everyone else seems to have been chosen for their immense egos. Only a person who has some serious control issues would behave like these people do.
I'm not saying that criminals deserve a lovely stay, but humane treatment is guaranteed in our Constitution and there's no way in hell that these people understand that. I saw sarcasm and cruelty that is usually confined to the eighth grade and would probably be outlawed if anyone listened to some of the complaints of the people who have been guests of that facility. But no one seems to listen and even if they did, they must not believe the people complaining because it seems to be tolerated. Cobb County is the most conservative county in the country and the people who they hire to police the place are about as sadistic as they come. It's a shame what they get away with and when I'm off of probation, I'll do a bit more than just bitch about it here but for the time being, I'm too sick to take a chance of being locked up with Dr. Death again.

I wasn't surprised that they didn't give me all of my medicine, but I was stunned that I couldn't even get my heart meds and my blood pressure meds. Right now I'm taking some medications that I need too badly to risk going back there.

There's no way that I could adequately describe the treatment that people are subjected to here in this blog. People wouldn't understand how bad it was without actually seeing it. I wouldn't have believed it myself if I hadn't seen it. I wouldn't have thought that medical personnel would risk their licenses in such a way. But, they most assuredly do.

I also got some emails from other women who understood what I meant about over-analyzing that email from Rick. I don't know why we do it. Men don't do it. It seems to be a female trait. I don't understand why men don't anymore than I understand why women do.

An email from a guy said that it was probably sarcasm, all of the men that I've heard from have said the same thing. Like I said, if you want to know what a man meant by something, ask another man, so I believe them. I don't understand it, Rick was the one who wanted another woman. He got what he wanted so why in the heck would he begrudge me another man? Damn, you guys are confusing.

OK, I need a shower so I'm gonna go take one so that I can start sweating again. I have to go to the store and then I'm going to trim those stupid hedges some more. I have two years of overgrowth to work on and it's taking me longer than I thought it would. But, it has to be done because I want to start planting some flowers and it would be stupid to plant flowers in the middle of a jungle.

See ya later!



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