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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Good morning!

I woke up good and early today because I have so many things to do just in case I do go off to the pokey today and because one of those things is to get the same tooth pulled for the second time.

I had a decision to make. I could go to the same dentist who pulled it in the first place and demand he do it right this time for free...or find a strange dentist who might pull it properly and charge me out the nose. The alimony check came so I decided to pay through the nose. I had that dumb tooth pulled last year and then thought that a sliver of it was coming out but it never did, I just seemingly grew a new tooth. It was too big to pry out and it hurt so the stupid nerve is still in there. Now, I have to go to the dentist, suck laughing gas, get pain pills, take my Marinol and then try to pass a drug test. I just can't fricking wait.

I haven't decided upon anything fun to do for my potential last day of freedom except to eat a Whopper after getting the tooth pulled. Maybe a tooth doesn't hurt the second time around. Ya think?

Sadly, I didn't get laid last night. I would consider some afternoon delight but at my age, that just doesn't seem quite proper so I'll just do without. After all of this planning, I hope I just come home and tell you that I'm still free but I have a terrible feeling that it won't happen like that. Maybe it's just my worrisome nature, but whatever it is, I am worried. Besides, that's the kind of luck I have, the dentist and jail in the same day. With my luck the way it is, I'll probably stub a toe taking out the trash and break a nail opening the car door as well.

My father called me last night to tell me that his ex wife (who he has been caring for over the past year) was in the hospital and would probably not be coming home this time. My daughter is moving to LA and my dad is in his 70's so I will be wanting to see her but afraid to go too far from him and neither really matters because I can't leave this state anyway. It's awful to have to worry about the generations above you AND below you. My father is the only generational cushion separating me from death and that's a bit freaky as well.

Well, it's almost 6 and I should take a nice warm bath and fix my hair, although I'm not sure for whom I would be fixing it. But, that's what I'm going to do now so I can be ready when my ride gets here. I'll come back to let you know before I go to the probation meeting. You'll know what time I should leave and what time I SHOULD be back. Sort of like waiting for the astronauts to round the moon and come back into radio contact. So, have a nice morning and check back later.

See ya!



Blogger Karin's Korner said...

I will be checking all day so please make sure you come back just as soon as you get home. I leave for California in the morning and do not know when I will be able to check back here so please let us know today or I will think that you are locked up. God Bless

July 11, 2006  
Blogger Meg said...


It's people like you that keep me smiling. You don't know how much good you do for me and how much it means to me. I won't leave you hanging, you'll know ASAP.

Thank you and I can't wait for our toast!


July 11, 2006  

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