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Monday, July 10, 2006

You know what?

The longer I stay single, the more I learn about sex. This weekend, I learned that men over 40 CAN have sex more than once in a few days AND they can still work up one of those "it feels like I'm being rained on sweats" if they put their minds to it.

I've learned that men DO initiate sex, all except Rick that is. And they like it...a LOT! By the way, when a man is having so much fun with you...it's sort of tough to avoid having a lot of fun yourself, even if one was so inclined. It can be so much fun with someone who is really into it. It's more than the "You do me and I'll do you" dance that Rick usually led me in.

They talk during sex and say things that never occurred to me. They keep their eyes open and move your arm when you feel a bit embarrassed and try to cover yourself up. They kiss you from one end to the other and do it for themselves, not because they think they have to quickly round the bases so that they can get to sleep. Some men would actually prefer sex to sleep! Did you know that? I sure the hell didn't.

When Rick was frequenting trailer parks, he told me that our sex, "Wasn't as intense as it used to be". I felt badly about that until I realized that it was HE who wasn't making it so "intense". A man who wants to can make you feel so wanted and sexy that the sex can be whatever HE wants it to be. I guess that takes more of a man than Rick ever was. We started having sex in the early 80's and on September 9th, the last time we had sex, it was the exact same repertoire that we did in the early 80's. The only thing that changed about our sex life was that it became more of a distant memory and much, much less frequent.

Now, I'd have to beat this one off if I wanted a few down nights. (No pun indented) He likes me and that makes me feel quite good about myself. I wonder what all I missed while I was sleeping with a dead body for all of those years.

Oh, and did you know that there are men who read books!? Real books, with lots of pages and one, long continuous story. They have interests beyond watching TV and trying to make biceps. They can be pretty good competition during Jeopardy and they have disposable income that they don't mind spending on a woman. Why wasn't I informed?

There are men who have friends who aren't sleazy women and lives that they can talk about over dinner. They wear clothes that they picked out all by themselves and they use deodorant and brush their teeth daily! I sort of remember these things in some dream like fashion, sort of like I remember Disco. I had a feeling that Rick wasn't the norm but I had no idea how far off he was.

I had a nice weekend and I woke up today feeling good. But I had the strangest dream...I dreamt that my current beau and I lived across the hall from Rick. We went to Rick's apartment and it was crawling with the biggest, nastiest cock roaches that I've ever seen. He was there and didn't seem to mind. It was actually sort of like the place he lived when I first met him.

Well, after my weekend of endless, intense as hell sex, I have to clean my house. I finally got to have sex in the kitchen (this one took me out to eat so there was no mess in there) but my bedroom is a wreck. There are articles of clothing thrown everywhere but where I used to throw them, ON the bed. Now I throw them FROM the bed.

Life is sweet.



Blogger SolarisGal said...

you almost got me in trouble here at work reading your post where every other word is sex!

lol, actually, thanks for the much-needed reading!

July 10, 2006  
Blogger Meg said...

Sorry about that, but if you had my weekend, you'd be talking about it as well! With the chance of imprisonment hanging over my head, I had to fill my sex bank over the weekend. And...I DID!

Now, if I can just make one more deposit this evening, I'll be good to go. Of course, two would be better.


July 10, 2006  
Anonymous bird said...

Just found your blog. Great fun. I am 45 and want to tell you that men over 50 can have sex every day and stay hard for over an hour. They are the best. Yeah for you!!!!!

July 11, 2006  
Blogger Meg said...

Over 50???? Whew. So, technically, I can be having fun for another decade. that's cool, sort of makes up for the years that Rick had me thinking that old men couldn't do much at all! Alrighty then, I have SO much to look forward to!


July 12, 2006  

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