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Sunday, July 09, 2006


I was just browsing around the internet trying to find the address of the jail, or at least the address that you would use to write the inmates. I finally found it. You have to have the "pod" that the inmate is in and if memory serves, L Pod is for the women. There are 6 mini-pods within "Lima Pod" and I have no idea which one I would be in. But, this address should work:

Cobb County Jail
Margaret Kelso
L Pod
P.O. Box 100110
Marietta, Ga. 30061

That should do it. Of course, I hope that isn't necessary but I have a feeling that it will be. No files, by the way, they don't have bars, they have large windows and I have no clue how to break out of a window. The windows don't look outside, they look at the chick in the tower that operates the doors. She's a nutty, mean old lady and I don't want to look at her so I won't be hanging out at the window too much. I won't get paper, envelopes or stamps until I have a chance to order from the commissary so I won't be able to write back right away, but I will write back to anyone who writes to me.

It just occurred to me that they might start me off in the infirmary so that the evil Doctor can torture me for a few days, but even a county sheriff can find me if they put their minds to it.

Yesterday I was a bit tough on men, I realize that. So, today, I'm going to go off on women.

For every bum of a man out there, there are a few women hanging around allowing the men to behave like this and even causing them to have the complex that makes them so dangerous to women. Maybe they were involved with someone like Kim Basinger or some other such evil mother.

The women who use their children as weapons to hurt the child's father are guilty of child abuse, in my opinion. Barring an abusive father (a real abusive father, not one of those falsely accused men who just want to see their kids), a loving mother would foster and encourage their child to have a good relationship with the father that the child loves. Society has turned fathers into nothing but bank accounts and if a father should fail to make that payment, they could go to jail with me. Society doesn't tell fathers that they have any real value and that's despicable.

I would have preferred to grow up poor than to grow up without a father. Prisons are full of men who had no father. Watch any talk show or court show where some sleazy female has 8 kids by 6 fathers and I would wager that all of them grew up in a fatherless home. Girls who become pregnant at 14 generally come from homes without fathers. They're looking for the love that they needed and deserved from their father. But, far too often, women who call themselves mothers manipulate their children into hating their own father. Surely a man can do the same, but for some reason, this is usually done by women.
The woman herself chose to have a child with the man and then, when things go bad, they lock and load the child with lies about the father and aim the kid straight at the man simply to cause pain. This is about the single most selfish thing that any person can do. I happen to be one of the women who has an ex HUSBAND who used the kids to hurt me. But, he was being coached by his child bride who to this day, hasn't grown up one bit since she was 15. That's usually because of some sort of substance abuse and this chick abuses many substances. When a person begins using drugs at age 13 and they stop using at 35, they are a 35 year old with the emotional level of a 13 year old. They've used drugs to cope so they never learned any other coping mechanisms to deal with life.
So, that's her excuse. But why other women do this to their children is beyond me. Wouldn't it be nice if society began to value fathers for the stabilizing factors that they are in a child's life? When a mother steals that factor from their children, they should be jailed.

Most divorce agreements state that neither party is to speak ill of the other in front of the children. But, when the women do it, they don't go to jail. They don't even go to court. But, let a man skip a child support payment and he could potentially go to jail, lose his job and be branded a deadbeat dad. I think that we should begin treating the women who destroy their kid's relationship with their father in the same manner. Why is it that judges don't enforce ALL of the terms of the divorce agreements?

We absolutely live in a sexist society and I don't care what ANYONE says, the deck is stacked against MEN! Women have intimidated society to the point where men don't know how to act anymore for fear of being accused of some hideous infraction that the woman could build into any evil story that she wants to.

Damn. I'm getting annoyed just writing this stuff. It truly irritates me when I see the women getting away with screwing up their children for the sake of revenge. Oh well. Thank the Lord for karma. Those women will wallow in their misery for a very long time...even after they stop enjoying it.

I'm going to spend the day getting things in order in case I should go to jail on Tuesday. I'll let you know before I go to the meeting and if I come home, I'll let you know immediately. So, by Tuesday evening, you should know what happened. So, I've got to make some more phone calls and write some emails so that no one is upset or surprised by my incarceration. I'll be back later on.

See ya!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I felt like I was reading my own thoughts while I was reading yours, I don't feel alone with this belief. Too many feel it's OK to get pregnant as if it's some game, barring the father from the child so to prove some twisted point! So many girls get pregnant to have the same love they get from a doll when they play mums and dads when they were a child but it's not a game but an innocent life they're bringing into the world. My brother is in a legal battle for access to his child whose mother is happy to accept more than enough money but be strict with access when the money is a little late or "not enough" even though he'd move mountains for his child and she wouldn't because she's got a new boyfriend who has his feet firmly under the table in their house. Never mind that, enjoy your new life as I've now been very happly single for 2 and half years and have never felt happier so I get your feeling.

July 09, 2006  
Blogger Karin's Korner said...

I sooooooo agree with what you have written here. My husbands X tried to do whatever she could so that he would have no rights to his children. We pay child support every month (and some men think that paying 50 dollars every month is to much, we pay close to 800 per month) and we have no problem paying it because they are HIS children, HE brought them into this world and he SHOULD have to help pay for their care even if they don't live with us all the time.
His X has tried to call child protection 3 times on us for really stupid things (for instance once was because we put chocolate in my then 10 year olds Easter Baskey, now he does have a weight problem, and we did put candy in his basket but he had more toys and such (like a kite, so he could RUN and fly it, and a ball and bat, so that he could get outside and EXERCISE). It is nuts but we just deal with it because we want to have a relationship with the children.

July 09, 2006  
Blogger Meg said...

Man, I certainly do know what the two of you are going through. Rick's ex had to be one of the most hideous nut mothers that I ever met. For the two of you, and anyone else who may be experiencing something similar, I am going to add an article that I wrote regarding Parental Alienation Syndrome. People MUST be aware of it, especially judges and others who have authority over such matters:

Kim Basinger seems to love backing causes...

...and it would seem as though she is now vying for the title, “Saint of Mothers Who Assassinate Father/Child Relationships For No Good Reason”. After co-parenting daughter Ireland for 10 years, Basinger has decided that father Alec Baldwin is no longer worthy of the role of father because there has not been enough “consideration for my time and work commitments” and Baldwin’s presence is a “disruption to Ireland’s life.”Court documents filed by Baldwin request the “disruption” of “co-parenting counseling” and a change in therapists. Co-parenting counseling seems quite reasonable to most people. Especially considering the history of the couple who have been bickering over the 10 year old since their 2001 divorce.

Of course, we are not privy to any of the particulars in the case. But one would expect that had Mr. Baldwin committed some hideous infraction in the time since the brutal divorce, Basinger would have seen to it that the media was aware of the situation. So, in this case, surely no news is good news. Yet Basinger's attorney fills 69 pages of court documents with reasons why she should not attend co-parenting classes with her ex.

Basinger seems to be leading the charge of women who seek to remove superfluous husbands by proxy. They effectively take away all access to their children from father’s who are guilty of nothing more than existing past their usefullness. Beyond child support, these women are convinced that the men with whom they produced these children serve no purpose. So, these men are banished from the lives of their children by women who find them to be more of an inconvenience than an asset.

Shortly after these men become burdens to their wives, all too often, they come home to an empty house. Phone calls fail to verify the location of the man’s family. That’s because the men don’t seem to call the people who DO know what’s going on, the police. Of course, he needn’t call them, they’re on their way over to arrest him for domestic violence or something worse. Now, the first step is done. He’s out of the house.The next step is to keep him out of the house and that takes a very long time. But, as an affront to women who are truly victimized, these women manipulate the court system for years in their efforts. The more sadistic of these women begin poisoning the minds of innocent children. A “victimized” wife can get a man out of the house overnight. It takes a “victimized” child to keep them out for good.

The brainwashing that these children receive is extremely effective. It takes some particularly accomplished manipulation to evoke such “obsessional hatred”, that it “extends to the targeted parent's extended family without any guilt or remorse.”In The Parental Alienation Directory, Dr. Douglas Darnall states that the young victims of mothers consumed with hatred, "have no capacity to feel guilty about how they behave towards the targeted parent or forgive any past indiscretions." Dr, Darnell describes a pattern of behavior that he has termed Parental Alienation Syndrome and it is not a pretty picture. Although men most assuredly have the ability to exact this behavior upon children, for whatever reasons, the majority of parents who inflict PAS upon children are women.

Loving mothers want to see their children surrounded by as many people who love them as possible. But the mother’s who cause children to have “difficulty making any differentiations between...personal experiences with the targeted parent” and “what they are told by the Obsessed Alienator.”, are more concerned with some fantasy life where the father simply does not exist than with the welfare of the children. In a society where we chastise men for not rising to the occasion when they father a child, how can we let these mothers off the hook when they steal not only the father, but the father’s entire family from the child? Grandmother’s, Grandfather’s, aunt’s and uncle’s are all fair game for these women.

When the accusations fly, the extended family is not immune. A women in metropolitan Atlanta accused her daughter’s grandparents of standing by while the father, “struck her once, throwing her to the ground. Then, he struck her again and she fell to the ground again.” In this devastatingly classic case of Parental Alienation Syndrome, this particular father is about the give up on his daughter after two years of fighting with his ex wife. He has been arrested 3 times, his elderly parents have been named in abuse accusations filed with the Paulding County Georgia court. During the Christmas holidays, the counselor ordered by Paulding County told this father that “the best Christmas gift that you can give your daughter is to stay away during the holidays.”

When Alec Baldwin requests a change in counselors, it’s entirely possible that he may have good cause. With “therapists” out there telling fathers that they can best serve their child by “staying away”, perhaps Baldwin’s request should be given due consideration.

Unfortunately, “severe alienation is usually irreversible” and more and more men like the Paulding County Georgia father are throwing up their hands in utter desperation after years of false accusations and alienation from their children. Until judges and therapists, along with the public in general, recognize PAS for the crime that it is, father’s without Baldwin’s resources will continue to “stay away”.

Hopefully, Baldwin himself will continue...to the best of his ability...to be a “disruption” in his daughter’s life.For more information, go to:


July 09, 2006  
Blogger Jaded&Opinionated said...

Hi Meg,

Make sure that you bring the prescription bottle with you to your meeting. Also, if you can, maybe you could print out a description of the medication from a PDR website, so that all of the information is scientific. I don't think they can punish you for taking medication that was prescribed to you by your physician. Just go to your meeting well armed with the information and the bottle from the pharmacy!

July 10, 2006  
Blogger Meg said...

OH I WILL! I am going to go to the pharmacy and get something that says the medicine will cause a positive THC test. I won't bring them the actual bottle because I'll be damned if I'll be busted for some stupid little law that I'm unaware of...or even have them confiscate it. But, I'll be well armed...I just hope I don't end up in handcuffs!


July 10, 2006  

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