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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Tonight I saw the cutest...

..most naively romantic thing that I've seen in a long time. It had nothing to do with people..it happened to be two ducks...but it was quite sweet nevertheless.

Ducks, as do most birds, mate for life. They don't fly away from the nest after they raise their children...they stay together and have more. They choose that one duck and they stay with them for life.

And from what I saw tonight, they even have dates. I was walking down by the water...the canals where people in the condos with boats can park them. It was almost midnight and there was no light so I didn't see them right away. They slowly came across the water like two shadows. They stayed together, floating around the water like a pair of figure skaters. Then, suddenly, they swam away quickly, as though they noticed us standing there watching them and didn't appreciate our presence. I felt pretty badly about that.

In ducks, they call it instinct...in people they call it something a whole lot more sacred. People say that the ducks choose each other because of chest feathers or some such shit. But I bet that sooner or later...those two birds looked each other in the eye and really, really knew something more than chest feathers about each other. If it was only about chest feathers, one of them would leave at the first sign of a better chest feather.

What a shame that ducks have more loyalty than some people. Seriously.

But, those were really some adorable ducks, I must say. Anyway, I HAD to come here and tell you that...because I'm in my father's bedroom, on his computer, with him lying down on his bed watching the news. He is under the blanket and "dressed" for bed and I had to tell you about the ducks before he went to bed and I had no further access to the computer. OK.

So, I've done what I set out to do.

See ya!