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Monday, July 17, 2006

Here's a quote from Emily's blog:

"...Tomorrow, the world will bear witness to a woman scorned. After tomorrow, husbands all over the country will think twice before inviting their divorcee secretaries out for a mojito. They'll check themselves before they wander into online singles chat rooms. After tomorrow, husbands will be rubbing one out in the shower, instead of signing the room check for their mistress at the Plaza. Steven and Laura have been doing a lot of fucking lately. Now, it's my turn..."

This was posted on Sunday so the "tomorrow" is today. I don't know where Emily is, but I hope it's far away from me. If I were an adulterer, I would certainly think twice after reading something like that...wouldn't you? I've been scorned myself but I never expected to have an impact on any cheater except my own.

I'm assuming that Emily is just posturing, but just in case...I'll be curious to see if there are any news reports of a man named Steven found hanging next to his mistress before the day is out. Maybe cheating men will start disappearing and decades from now, kids will tell frightening stories about Emily and all of the married men that she wiped out after being cheated upon by her evil husband.

Almost every single time that someone goes missing, the spouse is one of the first people suspected. TV reporters, magazines and Oprah all say that the spouse is responsible over 90% of the time a person is killed violently. We read about people like Jack the Ripper, Jeffrey Dahmer and Eileen Wournos and still people have the insane idea that they can screw married people and cheat on their spouses with impunity. Most cheaters don't get murdered but that's just because of jail. If more people thought that they could get away with it, a hell of a lot more cheaters would be floating face down in rivers.

Chances are pretty good that prison is the only reason that Rick is still walking around. The brain has the wonderful ability to imagine things and when I first found out about Rick's last affair, I had some absolutely delightful daydreams. I guess we have the ability to imagine things that we would never do mainly as an outlet for the emotions that we experience. Most people don't act out all of their fantasy’s, they have more self control than that. Some fantasies are good and others, not so much. Rick got to act his fantasies out...I had to repress mine.

Luckily for Rick, I have the self control to hold myself back from acting my fantasy's out. Not every person can do that and I'm very curious as to how far Emily will go. I must admit something to you. I find myself secretly hoping that she does something really, really good. I am living vicariously through Emily and I want to see her have some fun. After thinking about it for so long, I'll be sort of disappointed if she doesn't get the two cheating scoundrels good.

The blog is a nice start...it's always good to immortalize certain people for what they are in cyber-land for all of eternity. As long as you stick to the truth, there isn't a damn thing that any of the cheater people can do to sue you although many try to accuse you of slander and liable. But, the truth is an absolute defense. And, when you get down to it, the truth is what these people fear the most. So, simply telling the truth about adulterers is enough. Anything else is just gravy. I find it highly ironic that the truth is what screws every adulterer. You needn't embellish anything at all because there is no excuse for cheating.

They are more afraid of the truth more than anything else. They can't be honest to anyone and then they begin acting in ways that require lying. They engage in relationships that are totally cloaked in deception. These master manipulators create a world full of lies and all it takes to bring down the walls of their world is the truth. The truth is a dangerous weapon to liars...it totally obliterates everything that they know. That's why blogs are such great fodder for the cheatee.

They may not think about it at the time but somewhere deep inside they know that tossing the truth out there will do a lot of damage to the people who are hurting them the most. Blogs are pretty much the atom bombs of relationship wars. I didn't launch mine until I had sat in this house alone from September 10th, 2004 until the last weekend of January, 2005. And, as I mentioned earlier, you never leave a woman to stew for very long. Rick should have called me and ended our marriage in a dignified manner. That's not to be argumentative, it's just the truth. Since I never got any type of decent "closure", I stewed a bit too long. Then, one sunny winter day, I started a blog.

Emily has STARTED with a blog and "tomorrow" she's going to make them pay. Yikes.

I think I'll stay inside for most of the day.

See ya!



Blogger SolarisGal said...

Hey Meg,
I'm also eagerly awaiting to see what Emily is going to do. As a matter of fact, I started frantically clicking to her blog for updates.

Initially, the blog is a good idea. However, in my case, the other woman has started to give me grief. She did not like the fact that I posted about my situation on your blog. She told me that she's going to start a blog about me for revenge, (based on the lies that my husband is feeding her). Some of them are very personal. She's going to start bad-mouthing my family, even though she's never met them. She even told me that she was going to start posting on your blog (to start trouble for me).

Even though I am sticking to the truth, I just cannot understand for the life of me why she insists on denying her affair with my husband.

It's almost enough to make me go insane. I did catch them - she sent love text messages to him wanting to have his baby (and other steamy messages). Why, why, why does she deny it?? Why does she try to make me look like a psychotic liar?? She knows I found her messages!
But to be nice, I moved the domain of my site about 18 times and shut it down to avoid her and my ex, but she's followed me around, to make sure she gags me on their affair. She's emailed me at work and at home to shut me up.

Frankly, I am thinking of deleting my blog, because the added stress, harrassment, and her reminders are simply not worth it. But I debate, because I really don't want her to "win". She and my X do not deserve to win over me. I'm already upset as it is, and on top of this, the whole thing sickens me.

July 17, 2006  
Blogger Meg said...


I'm not sure that I understood everything that you said in that comment but let me tell you this. I would NEVER pulish a nasty comment about you. I have the ability to disallow any comment and everyday I reject about 5 SPAM comments which I didn't even know existed. The original reason that I took down the comentability was that there were people being nasty to other commenters. You haven't a thing to worry about there.

Also, when the "subjects" of my blog started threatening to "tell the truth" about me...I beat them to it. I wrote a post detailing every sin I had committed. I don't fear the truth. Many have tried, but no one has been able to get me yet.

After I wrote the post detailing all of my sins, I sat back and waited for them to come up with more and they never did. So, as long as you are telling the truth, you have nothing to worry about. It sounds like she's pushing you around and you're letting her. DON'T! If she wants to follow you and your blog, count her as a nutty fan and leave it at that!

As far as her coming HERE to mess with you...send her over!

And they NEVER admit it, they WANT you to feel like you are nuts so don't worry about them GIRL! You KNOW they cheated, they know they cheated...just stand your ground!


July 17, 2006  
Blogger Meg said...


Email me before you do anything. I'd be happy to call you and talk to you...but leave the blog right where it is.


July 17, 2006  

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