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Monday, August 07, 2006

Seinfeld Trivia Answers:

1. If George were abducted by aliens, where would he rather end: in their zoo or in their circus?

Their zoo

2. According to Jerry, how many dates qualify for a face to face break up?


3. Who is Billy Mumphrey?

The main character in a manuscript that Elaine evaluates for Viking Press.

4. How many times have Jerry and Elaine had sex?

Jerry says 25, Elaine says 37.

5. What is Cousin Jeffrey's claim to fame?

He organized the New York City Parks Department's edible foliage tour.

6. What is Kramer's favorite soap opera?

The Bold and the Beautiful

7. According to Jerry, what is the best feature of the heavy relationship?

Make up sex, topped only by conjugal visit sex.

8. What did crazy Joe Davola scream when he jumped Jerry?

Sic Semper Tyrannus

9. What hair-challenged star is hanging on a poster in George's bathroom?

NYPD Blue's Dennis Franz

10. From what movie does Jerry quote at Susan's grave?

Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan: "She's not really dead if we find a way to remember her."

11. Golden boy is...?

Jerry's yellow t-shirt, the first one out of the dryer that he wears until it dies.

12. What childhood taunt was directed at George regrading Mrs. Costanza?

"You're mother's uglier than Hazel!"

13. Name the character that Kramer played on Murphy Brown.

Steven Snell

14. What was Jerry's pre-stand up job?

He sold umbrellas on the street and claims to have invented "the twirl".

15. What WWII prime minister is scorned by George and Jerry?

Chamberlain: "You could hold his head in the toilet and he'd still give you half of Europe."

16. What is George's regular lunch order at Monks?

Tuna on toast with cole slaw and coffee

17. According to George, what is the biggest sucker deal in retail?

Duty-free shops

18. Jerry's custom blend of cereal is what percent bran flakes?

25% because 40% was too much for him.

19. Kramer has played backgammon with what famous super model?

Elle McPherson...in the Cayman Islands in the nude.

20. If George were a porn star, what would his screen name be?

Buck Naked

21. Instead of "yes", Kramer says what?


22. Jerry has had two phone numbers, what are they?

555-8383 and 555-2390

23. George refers to Seattle as...

'The pesto of cities", due to it's sudden trendiness.

24. According to Jerry, what's the biggest step in the male friendship?

Helping a guy move, "It's like going all the way."

25. In the first pilot meeting with NBC, what is the name of the off off Broadway play that George claims to have written?

La Cochina

26. What are Jerry's telltale signs that a man is in love?

"When she comes over, are you cleaning up a lot? Do ya do the tub on your knees...A-jax, scrubbing, the whole deal? Tub is love!"

27. A sign for what railroad hangs over Kramer's bed?


28. Kramer compared Jerry and Elaine's romantic relationship to which president and his wife?

Abe Lincoln and Mary Todd

29. Boys give each other atomic wedgies, according to Elaine, how do girls torment each other?

"We just tease each other until they develop an eating disorder."

30. Who did Newman book to play his millennium party?

Christopher Cross

31. What is George's parents address?

1344 Queens Blvd, Flushing NY

32. Elaine thinks what percentage of people are good looking?

25%, Jerry says 4-6%...the rest are "undatable"

33. Name Jerry's shampoo of choice.


34. Who regularly eats at Reggies?

Kevin, Gene and Feldman; Elaine's "bizarro" friends

35. What was the item of clothing that launched J. Peterman's career?

The Pygmy Pullover

36. Kramer defines what as "it's like ten dates in one shot"?

Attending the funeral of a girlfriend's loved one.

37. Define the "swirl".

The capper to "the move", Jerry's surefire sexual technique.

38. Elaine wanted to see what movie intead of The English Patient?

Sack Lunch

39. What are Jerry and George's PIN numbers?

Jerry's is Jor-el...George's is Bosco

40. If George could take just one book to a desert island, what would it be?

The Three Musketeers

41. Define "kavorka".

The lure of the animal.

42. Who are Jerry and George's favorite explorers?

Magellan and De Soto


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