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Sunday, July 16, 2006

There's a kind of trash...

...all over the world, tonight.
All over the world you can hear the sound of cheaters in bed.
You know what I mean

Just the two of them, and nobody else, around.
There's nobody else 'cept an innocent wife at home with the kids.

Now listen very carefully, closer now and you will see what I mean...it isn't a dream.
The only sound that you will hear is when I shoot her in the ear...I'll get her, my aim is much better.
There's a kind of trash, all over the world, tonight
All over the world there are bimbo's in bed, with married men.

La-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la-la

So write your story in a blog and post it now for all the world to see.
And then watch them squirm
At home or in public.

There's a kind of trash all over the world, the news
Will spread like a fire
And as she cashes her husband's check
His bimbo will get another job, to keep them afloat.
Now they can't play, as much as they used to.

There's a kind of bitch, that screws married men, tonight.
She screws married men
And when his wife has smartened up, he'll pay through the nose, it isn't a joke.
It's a court order.

La-la-la-la-la la-la-la-la-la

OK, that's my fun for the day. Reading Emily's blog, I was reminded of when my pain was fresh and acute. It was awful. I paced back and forth in my house literally wringing my hands and crying, just like a pathetic blob. That was a nasty phase of the post affair trauma that I went through. Emily has a few more phases to go through before she gets to the fun stuff.

All jilted women (or men, for that matter) have a 6 month period where they just screw any guy they want. I had mine, it was pretty educational but not as much fun as you would think it should be. But...it IS a mandatory part of the post affair life that we find ourselves in.

I know it's tough for Emily to see anything as "good fortune" right now. But, the fact that she hired a PI means that she has all the proof she needs to have when they go to court. A husband caught by the balls like that doesn't resist as much in court when the marital assets are divvied up. One day soon, Emily will see the humor in that little situation.

Today I'm going to take my hedge trimmers back to Lowe's to exchange it for one that's not a piece of crap. Then, I guess I'll trim some more of the jungle growing in my back yard. I have some chicken breasts that I need to cook so I'll grill those outside. Then, I'll see if I can find some male companionship. Today I want some, tomorrow I may not. I hate being totally responsible for paying the bills but it is nice to be the boss of my house. I get total control over the remote control and I can paint a room pink if I so desire. I get to watch whatever movie I choose to watch and that's so neat! I used to get stuck watching the stupid karate movies that Gomer would bring home.

The other day I watched Shaun of the Dead...one of those funny British movies that made it's way across the pond. Those Brits have a helluva sense of humor, I must say. If you get the chance to watch Shaun of the Dead, do so...it's definitely good for a laugh. OK then, I'm going to make one more pot of coffee and drink it and then I'm off to Lowe's to be a bitch if I have to. Then, I'll be working out back for a while. Since I have to call my boyfriend for a ride, maybe he'll take pity on me and mow the lawn for me. When he's here, I'll go out there and try to start the lawn mower. That'll evoke pity from him and then his chivalry should kick in and who knows? He may just tell me to go inside and stay cool while he does the work for me. I love men...almost ALL of them.

Ok, I'm off. I'll be back later this afternoon.

See ya!



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