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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Rick does seem to have a FEW man traits...

...that get him in the same type of trouble the real men can find themselves in. One of those is his proclivity to walk away from an argument assuming that, "She'll get over it and I'll come back".

I've noticed that a LOT of men have that STUPID habit. They find themselves in an unpleasant discussion with their woman and they decide to go hide in their room or basement or the back forty.

Apparently, they think that we will "get over" whatever the problem is if they just hide in their caves long enough. Nothing could be further from the truth. When a woman has a bone to pick with a man, that bone MUST be picked or the female will simply simmer and stew. When that man does gather the courage to come back, they find Cujo waiting for them and a larger argument than they walked out on.

Men, DO NOT DO THIS! ARE YOU NUTS? If we need to fight, you must finish the fight. If you don't want to finish the fight, don't go to your den...go to Peru and never return. But, if you would like to continue living in America and remain in that relationship, just bite the damn bullet and finish the argument that has already been started. You guys are so strong that you can go off to fight Nazi's and Communists...why in the hell can't you stand your ground and trade barbs with a woman?

As a result of Rick's ridiculous fear of simply speaking to me under anything less than the most pleasant of circumstances...the IRS is about to go after him big time. They called me yesterday after months of hearing from my congressman's office regarding the 2004 tax return that Rick and H&R Block filed without my signature. They wouldn't even let me SEE the stupid thing because they had already filed it. They just wanted my signature on a "signature authorization" paper. Rick was avoiding me at that point and wouldn't tell me what was going on with our taxes. I doubt that he had anything to do with H&R Block filing our return without my signature, but if he would have had the balls to speak to me, we could have easily handled the entire situation like we did the rest of the divorce and there wouldn't be a problem now.

I found out on April 12th that they had e-filed a fraudulent joint return without my signature on April 7th. Not knowing what to do, I called the IRS who told me to hurry and file my own return before the 15th so I did.

Well, that was a good thing because the IRS is about to invalidate the 2004 return. That will mean that the refund from the return that was applied to our 2001 tax bill will be taken back and the old bill will be re-instated. The only thing that I can do is write down everything that happened (I guess the IRS wasn’t reading the blog back when this all occurred in April of 2005) and send all of the info to them along with the divorce papers and MY 2004 return. That'll get me off the hook and if there are any penalties for ME...H&R Block will be sued civilly so I can recoup any loss that I would incur. I'll sue the pants off of those fools.

What were they thinking? They filed a return with my name on it, without my signature, and then they wouldn't show me the return when I came in to sign it. Since the tax guy wouldn't show me the return, I refused to sign it. Then, I found out that the return they wanted me to sign had been filed a week before. Tsk, tsk, tsk.

Oh well. Thank God I did the right thing that year, because now it's all going to be very bad for anyone who was involved with that return. There were a few things wrong with that return and if I HAD signed it, I'd be as guilty as Rick and H&R Block. But, I didn't. I filed my own return and it's legal.

All of this could have been avoided if Rick had kept me informed about what in the heck was going on. This time his avoidance didn't get me a lot more angry...but instead, he has to deal with the IRS. Maybe he would prefer that, who knows?

So...men, when an angry woman or an unpleasant situation arises, just stand there and drink a protein shake and deal with it all until it's over with. Otherwise, you will be revisiting the same problem later on and it will not have gotten any better. Any man who has ever come out of his room after hiding from an irate wife only to find her speaking like the Exorcist chick should know what I mean.

And women, I don't know why they do that to us...but isn't it annoying when they do? How do we get them to understand that an ignored female does not "calm down", "get over it" or suddenly forget that she was angry just because the male disappeared for a while? I don't know. It's not as though we sport numchucks or a 357 magnum...why can't they just argue to the end?

Oh well. Maybe someday, when women rule and men wear leashes.



Blogger Jay said...

In my experince you're right about that. Just last night I was reminded of multiple issues that I had forgotten about 5, 10, even 15 years ago.

The only problem is that there is no "finish" to most arguments. Not when one party won't budge from their original position.

Apparently two Taurus should not marry.


July 13, 2006  
Blogger Meg said...

Well, I don't know about Taurus' but I admit there are people who are too selfish, self centered and childish to let an issue go away. With those types, there are too many problems to list. Just hope that they grow up or have a large insurance pay off.


July 13, 2006  
Blogger Meg said...

There's ANOTHER "Emily is a fake" comment here somewhere. I don't know where it went but it'll be here sooner or later. Or, there will be some other nit wit who feels the need to shout out, "Emily is a fake!"

I don't know why these people get such a kick out of being the one to "out" Emily but damn, there are so many of them trying. I've had to reject most of them because I don't want this to be the "Emily is a fake" Blog. Oh well, I hope they feel really, really goood after sending in their comments.


July 21, 2006  

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