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Friday, July 14, 2006

They are some odd ones...

...that's for darned sure. Seemingly so intelligent, you would think that they could do a bit better than they do. You don't have to look very far to see evidence of their love and kindness, so you know they are capable of it.

They live together, side by side for years. You can find them dancing together at events meant to celebrate the very relationships that they form. You can find them working together in good times and in bad. They would risk their very lives to save one another. Their capacity for love is that great and that noble.

In so many ways, they are so very much alike. They love the children, they ALL love the children. They love art and music and theater and swimming in cool water when it's hot as hell outside. If they crossed paths in the middle of a desert, they would embrace and be thrilled to find each other. Songs are written over such emotions and monuments are built to such love.

One tells the other that they want nothing more than to live happily ever after and the other proclaims to want the same. They make sacred vows based upon honor. Together, there's a feeling that all things are possible and there's little to fear. When the effort is put forth, they can solve any little problem that might arise. With a spirit of cooperation and selflessness, there isn't a thing that they can't accomplish.

As time marches on and new feelings arise, different people "pop up" and change the status quo. And then, tempers flare and egos clash. The best of intentions is claimed by all. But for some reason, very good people are hurt...families are totally blown away.

When you speak to any one of them, they will all justify their actions with one rationale or another. This one didn't have enough space and that one simply wants to be worshipped by more men. They begin to think in selfish terms even though they KNOW that they can accomplish more together than they ever could apart. Vows are forgotten and loyalties simply don't exist.

Forgetting their very own history, they hurt each other in new and improved ways. The damage that is done is immeasurable, the emotional toll alone is heavy. Yet the fighting continues until a devastating price is exacted upon one party or the other. With them, it's always the same...all good things must surely come to an end. They seem to want to eradicate any sign at all that they even existed.

Their own home is a battleground for the damage that they do. They actually take large metal shells, fill them with explosives and send them into each other's homes, workplaces and churches. If you look right now, you can see some of them blowing up each other and the land around them. It's very perplexing.


Blogger Meg said...

I accidentally rejected this comment so I had to find it and post it where Jay wanted it to be:


That is beautifully written and so (potentially) true. I'm glad to see that my wife and I aren't all the way down to the bottom. Hopefully we'll never be and we will actually start back up before we go lower.

(Sorry for being cryptic)


That's OK, jay, I'm just glad that you enjoyed it! Sorry for accidentally deleting it in the first place.


July 17, 2006  

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