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Monday, July 09, 2007


"...Is your kitten really in that sock????? Or is it a toy?.."

Oh...it's really the kitten stuffed in that sock. I doubt he'd fit in a sock now...although if it was a big enough sock I could probably manage it. I have too many socks, you'd think one or two would hold a small cat. The sock drawer was so full that I decided to throw away some that I never wear anymore but I couldn't find any.

I must have 1oo pairs of socks in that drawer. I couldn't throw any away but I did stick some winter socks in a pillow case so that I could close the drawer. I dumped them all out on my bed to sort through them and I found a bunch of socks, stockings and hose that I've never worn because some guy gave me a pair that I never got to wear for him.

One guy bought me a pair of hose wayyyyy too early in our relationship for my comfort. I kept the hose and got rid of the guy. He isn't that easy to get rid of, he keeps coming back but never when it's possible for me to just leave the house with him so I haven't had to make any excuses...he just pops in at such bad times. He came by earlier this evening as I was watching Seinfeld and that's never a good time. I haven't met the guy who could win a Seinfeld/dude contest. He got sick of me ignoring him and he left with the threat of coming back by. I'm sure he won't...he never does. Not until I least expect him. Unfortunately I taught my dog to like him before I decided that I didn't.

Maybe I should just wait for a guy that the dog likes. Maybe he's trying to tell me something by barking at every guy who comes to my door. He barks so much that I'd like to stuff him in a sock but he's far too big. I'd need Rosie O'Donnell socks for that. I suppose that somewhere out there is some nit wit who thinks that it's cruel to stuff a cat in a sock...but I don't care. If they've never done it they have no possible authority to address the subject of kitten sock stuffing. I've done it and I can tell you, the kitten didn't mind. He tried to go in face first AFTER I took him out of the sock.

He's not afraid of the dog at all, to the contrary, he loves that dog and the two of them conspire against the other cat and all of the humans. The kitten got himself locked in a bedroom for attacking the older cat last night and Payton freed him. That stupid dog can open any door IN the house. He can't open the doors TO the house, but it doesn't take much for him to turn the inside doorknobs with his big fat dog nose. The door to my room was open so I could see the door where my son had trapped the kitten. The kitten stuck his paw under the door and shook it. That brought Payton running and the dog took about 2 seconds to open the door. I couldn't believe he did that. I stuck the kitten in Payton's kennel and then Payton couldn't do anything but sit outside and stare at his forlorn friend. If Payton knew how to open that thing he'd be able to get himself out...the kitten was screwed. It's an absolute must have opposable thumbs trick.

Well, my bed still hasn't come but I'm still patiently waiting. I'll have to get a laptop computer once my room is finished because I'll never want to leave it. Of course I'll be starting on another room so sooner or later, I'll be happy with all of the rooms in the house. I think I better buy the tickets to Europe soon but I'm still worried about my passport. I have one that I haven't seen since Rick left (but he didn't take it...just ask him). I heard that it's taking a long time to get passports so I bet it takes even longer to get a new one after you've lost the old one. Oh well, I guess I should get the stupid passport first just to be on the safe side. I'll do that next week, this is the week that I work my ass off to earn a bunch of cash. Then I'm so exhausted that I take about 3 weeks to relax before I do it again.

I think I'll straighten my bedroom before I get ready to go to work tonight. I'm only doing 8 hours and that's nothing compared to 12. Of course it seems as though you need 12 hours to get all the work done but one way or another, I don't need to go in until 11 so I have a while to clean my room and then suck coffee and primp. So, that's what I'm going to do. See ya!



Blogger Grammie said...

...love your dog and cat stories!

I'm off to find a sock for my cat!

: )

July 10, 2007  

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