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Monday, January 31, 2011

Are you kidding me?

I've been watching the events as they've evolved (devolved?) in Egypt quite closely. For days my heart has gone out to the thousands of people crowded in the streets demanding the end of Hosni Mubarek's rule.

Since I can read neither their language nor their signs, I've depended upon American reporters to explain just what it is that the Egyptian people are dieing for. I heard things like, "I can't feed my family on 2 dollars a day." That's a desperation with which I can empathize. Perhaps they want democracy, I'm not sure but certainly they deserve that inalienable right of government for the people, of the people and by the people. The American in me wanted to fly to Cairo and march along side of the protesters.

Then, this morning, a reporter from CNN found an Egyptian woman who could speak English well enough to say, "We hate him, he is for Israel, we hate Israel, they are our enemy!"

Like an American racist who uses the "N" word in a heated discussion, that woman deflated her nation's entire argument and immediately made me wonder if I had been duped for the past week.

I don't care if a person is for or against Israel, that hate is not something that I can relate to nor is it something that I can condemn out of hand. But it certainly isn't a cause that I will back in any way. Common enemies should be listed along with politics and misery as causes of strange bedfellows, that I get. But Israel is not my enemy.

Israel has flexed their might in self defense and rarely otherwise. Even so, many would attack Israeli's for simply being Israeli's. I've been around long enough to figure that much out. I haven't heard of a mad Hasidic bomber and I've never encountered a Jew who was anything but friendly. I have no argument with them.

I also had no argument with Egyptians, they seemed to stand alone as a nation of reason and literacy in an area of the world where little of either exists. I followed Menachem Begin and Anwar Sadat during the Camp David accords and in my 33 year old son's baby book under Current Events I scribbled, "Mid-East peace talks." I was terribly saddened when an assassin's bullet shot down President Sadat because this planet has far too few leaders so devoted to peace amongst our fellow inhabitants. Each one is precious and the loss of one so decent was truly a loss for us all.

I've had every reason in the world to believe that the uprising in Egypt was one of a civilized people. Naturally, my sentiments would go with them, I've grown old thinking that Egypt was a modern country with educated citizens who shower and strive for peace.

Please don't tell me that this is just another nation of muslim extremists who live solely to see the death of all Jews. That would be one of the hugest disappointments in my life.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Breathe deep and avoid another stroke. You know less about Egypt than Sarah Palin.

February 01, 2011  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

Point well taken.

BUT...I do argue with this statement, "You know less about Egypt than Sarah Palin."

After all, I can see the pyramids from my hallucinations.

February 02, 2011  

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Alrighty Then

Americans can rest easily tonight, knowing that the justice system is hard at work protecting us all from dangerous thugs and despicable scum because "Mark Steven Phillips, 62, was arrested Thursday in his apartment at Century Village, Fla., a seniors community".

Worry not potential victims of theft, rape and murder, your tax dollars are being spent to secure our land and to assure that we are not only safe in our own homes but also free to venture, unharmed, outside of our homes should we feel the desire. Thank the heavens above, we can even vacation in Florida once again without fear that we may come across evil Mr. Phillips.

Although I can assure you that I personally would never harm another human being (nor have I ever been accused of such), the state of Illinois has also put me in my place and I will face trial on March 14th for a twenty year old traffic ticket. Prosecutors who were wearing Pampers when I committed my crime will see to it that I pay the penalty for an offense committed by a younger version of myself when most of my problems were "solved" by downing a large quantity of Michelob.

The fact that I have gone twenty years without harming, robbing or tickling viciously any living human means no more than does the fact that the above pictured Mr. Phillips has gone even longer, thirty years, without garnering so much as a speeding ticket. Let THAT be a lesson to anyone who feels as though clean and sober living for decades is a credible option once you have been accused by the ungodly long and apparently timeless arm of the law.

Consider not that, "unless the crime is exceptionally heinous in nature, social justice as enacted through law has compromised that lesser crimes from long ago are best let be rather than distract attention from contemporary serious crimes." Forgive not aging hippies who once found it interesting to engage in mind altering experiences. It was just such behavior that sparked the philosophy of "Make Love, Not War". We simply cannot allow citizens of that ilk to mingle along side the decent people.

Ignore the fact that marijuana is a "gateway drug" simply because the law forces users to enter an illegal gate which they wouldn't otherwise broach. That drug abuse is listed amongst diseases such as cancer and diabetes should not sway us either. Addiction stands relatively alone on the list of illnesses for which one can be incarcerated. That Mr. Phillips committed the egregious crime of providing weed to willing partiers is crime enough to warrant an actual warrant.

The fact that my aunt disappeared and hasn't been heard from in years, not even by her beloved grandchildren, isn't too much of an issue. That JonBenet Ramsey, Amanda Dowler and Christal Jones were tortured and murdered by persons unknown is no more important than is the fate of the countless other children for whom their parents mourn.

Family heirlooms stolen? Daughter raped? Mother missing? Seriously, can't you wait until Mr. Phillips is safely tucked away in some prison were he can never again darken the steps of the senior center where he's been living? Prisons overcrowded? Tax dollars spent? Families living with the shame and pain of an incarcerated loved one? Worry not, the police have taken Mark Phillips off of the streets and yours truly will face a judge before long.

Now we can all breath a collective sigh of relief.


Blogger jokey4all said...

Nice Blog you Gat Thanks for your wonderful contribution...


January 30, 2011  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prosecution for a 20 year old traffic ticket. Yet the statute of limitations for rape in many states is only two years. WTF!

September 23, 2011  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

Yeah, God Bless the state of Illinois!

September 23, 2011  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

OOPS! Florida. I thought you were referring to another miscarraige of justice in Illinois. My bad!

September 23, 2011  

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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I think that I...

...have finally recovered from the traumatic events of last week. In the previous post, I explained what happened but I knew that there was more that I wanted to share with you.

I've been working as a nursing assistant or a Registered Nurse for close to 40 years. I remember being a child and having a special feeling when I was in the presence of a nurse. I guess it had something to do with the fact that nurses are, by nature, very nurturing and as the oldest of 6 kids, I sort of got lost in the shuffle as my mother had one baby after another. There were always younger kids to deal with so, as the oldest, I pretty much was left to my own devices. Nurses, on the other hand, are quite kind and considerate to their patients so naturally, I warmed up to them as I received the attention they afforded me.

Anyway, I grew up and went to nursing school and I've always enjoyed my profession. I also hold a special respect for the profession in general because it's a hard job and one never knows what one might encounter on any given day. Whatever it is, from the death of a patient to a smack in the face, pretty much anything is possible.

Nursing is one profession that offers an amazing array of varying areas in which one can work. I chose to work mainly in End of Life care, that's simply the area that gives me the most satisfaction. I could never work with children because I would just cry all day and that wouldn't help anyone. One area of nursing that I would doubt many nurses would even consider is Institutional Nursing.

I mean, of course, nurses who work in a jail, prison or other such lock up. I can respect the decision to choose that area of nursing but I certainly do not understand the attraction. That's OK, I don't have to. Many others do choose to work in such settings and all I can say is God bless 'em.

But somewhere between the feeling of "I want to devote my life to caring for other human beings." that leads one to study nursing and actually securing a job in a jail, something seems to happen that turns a nurse into something that violates most standards taught in nursing school.

Ask any nurse what his or her job is and they should tell you that they are, first and foremost, a patient advocate. Those aren't my words, that concept is inculcated into our psyche from day one of our training. We advocate for our patients even when it means refusal to carry out a doctor's order if we know it will harm our patient. Of course you let the doctor know what's going on, but nevertheless, we must advocate for our patient.

When I arrived at jail the other day, I was given a rather large pile of papers stapled together with the "rules" that were to be followed. Included in that stack of papers were a few rights that inmates were entitled to and one of those rights was medical care. The policy given to me promised "emergency health care" and "continuation of care for any chronic conditions".

First, let me whine a bit about my own experience...I recently had brain surgery and as a result, it's very important that I take blood thinners so as not to develop a clot around my new cerebral equipment which could kill me or leave me with devastating neurological deficits. In addition, I have a host of other less acute problems including a heart condition, a history of seizures and as of last week, an acute abscess in my left thigh that was obtained while I was actually IN the hospital.

I made no secret of any of my medical conditions and, contrary to any other opinions, I do NOT want my life to end at this point. I have a grandson due next month and other little people who call me Grandma whom I love dearly and I'm just selfish enough to want to spend more time with them in my life. But, I am NOT selfish enough to put my own children, my father and anyone else who cares about me through the pain of losing a loved one.

I'm not a regular at facilities that detain human beings so obviously I'm not familiar with any of the "ways" in which they operate. But, I do know that when I get extremely upset, I vomit violently and my heart begins to pound in my chest to the point that I'm quite frightened. As being detained is rather upsetting, I vomited continuously while I was detained, even though I was NOT making any deposits to my gastro-intestinal system. Spit wouldn't stay down, I wouldn't even consider tempting fate by partaking of the substances served to me through a slot in my cell door. Water wasn't even an option because it, too, would make me wretch. My lack of intake did not stop my body from trying to purge itself of any and all upsetting entities. I occasionally accumulated enough spit and bile to throw up but more often than not, I was simply having dry heaves over the stainless steel bowl of filth which was my "bathroom". I knew I was quickly becoming dehydrated.

One of the most upsetting aspects of that experience was that I was not given my seizure meds, my heart meds or my blood pressure meds. I could do without most of the meds that I take for a while, but those three and the anti-biotic for the abscess were imperative. I don't know how many deputies and nurses I reported this to but I assure you, I informed over 10 people that I was in need of my heart medication as my chest tightened and my breathing became labored. Saturday morning I was finally given the important medications that I needed and I began to feel much, much better. But, I had been detained since Thursday and between my entry and my exit, I can honestly say that I was in great discomfort and at risk for seriously negative health events.

Enough about me. Jail isn't as quiet as is, say, a library. There are all sorts of noises, from doors slamming to deputies cutting up in the hallways. But the most persistent of all sounds are the screaming of certain other inmates.

Thursday night I began hearing a man I eventually nicknamed Tarzan because of the primal screams he was emitting consistently. I asked a deputy, "What's wrong with that guy?" One smart ass deputy who had overheard my question answered, "He just won the lottery." The deputy to whom I had addressed the question said, "He's crazy, he doesn't even know where he is."

Also, there was a woman who I believe was next door to me. I could be wrong, but she certainly sounded close. She hollered for hours at a time, mostly paranoid ranting and foul mouthed threats. I know enough about mental health to recognize psychosis when I see it. That woman was absolutely psychotic as I assume was Tarzan. I nicknamed the woman J-Lo.

Society requires jails, I know that. But in a civilized society, jails should be reserved for those who break laws willingly. Neither Tarzan nor J-Lo had the ability to perform a willful act of any sort. They belonged in a locked up facility, but not a jail. Some sort of medical facility would have been appropriate.

Not only did the nurses not seem to address any pressing issues, they ignored those issues with an unbelievably rude and uncaring manner. You might say, "They're used to dealing with mean criminals." Well, I'm used to dealing with kind patients. But, I certainly have come across my share of nasty human beings requiring my attention and I treat them with no less concern than I do the more ordinary patients. As with most aspects of life, I deal with patients on a case by case basis which is, by definition, a part of professionalism.

I don't know what lead those unpleasant people to apply for a job at a jail. Most nurses are drawn to a patient population that they enjoy. These nurses were obviously quite contemptuous of their own charges and that rendered them absolutely incapable of performing their main job as a "patient advocate." They were uneducated and inexperienced at best and simply hateful at worse. They do not deserve the title of NURSE and they are most assuredly the pond scum of the profession.

To the medical "staff" at DuPage County Jail in Wheaton Illinois, I offer you a finger on which to place the oxygen monitor, I'm sure you know which finger to which I refer.


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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Another first for the American Presidency

I guess once he went black, he had to go back. But on a serious note, I heard the President's speech where he discussed his new goals for creating jobs in America. I applaud his efforts and appreciate his list of strategies but I made note of one glaring omission from his list, that would be a plan to attack this problem...even if it means listening to those of differing ideologies. Good luck with that Slick.

Well, if you've been reading this blog for any length of time, you might have noticed how, at times, my life reads like a bad country music song. My husband cheated, my dog died and once again, with no warning or inkling that it was a possibility, I found myself a guest at the local county lock up.

Now, before you ask, "What did she do this time?", let me explain. Twenty years ago I was in Illinois and I obtained a few traffic tickets. I was an unpleasant person at the time (compared to the sweetheart you know and love today) and I guess I was what you would call a "bad girl". When it came time to return to Virginia (where I lived at the time), I was hesitant to leave because of my pending court date.

Now, I do NOT tell this story to place blame anywhere but squarely on my own shoulders, this is simply what happened. My father was happy to see me go, of course, as I said, I wasn't the most pleasant house guest in the world. So, when I told him that I couldn't leave, he told me that he would handle the court problems for me.

Now, in retrospect, as I was sitting in my cell, I realized for the first time in TWENTY YEARS that he couldn't have done anything short of bribery and my dad is a law abiding citizen. My only explanation is that he IS my father, he IS an attorney and I WANTED to go home to my kids. So, I took his words and literally ran with them. Then, a few years later when I was coming to Illinois for a friend's wedding, I asked my dad again, "Am I OK to enter the state?" He assured me that he had checked me for warrants and that there were none. Since then, I've been coming and going to Illinois like I owned the place, assured of my cleared record.

If for one moment I thought that there were warrants for my arrest, I would have planned for bond and turned myself in on my own terms to clear the matter once and for all. Instead, I've been traipsing ignorantly around the Chicago suburbs, unaware of my Wanted status. I've enjoyed the company of police officers and spoken to the "guys on our beat", whom I know by name. Not once did anyone question my law abiding status.

So, Thursday morning, I laid in bed thinking about how I couldn't get my life back due to one disaster or another...usually health related. I had brain surgery around Christmas during which Dr. Mazumdar nicked an artery leading to an internal hemorrhage that left me quite ill and the recipient of 3 blood transfusions. Anyway, I was feeling rather down, depressed and useless. All I wanted to do was take 2 more of my xanax and go back to sleep.

Instead, I got out of bed and woke up my friend and spilled my guts to her, it was a regular friend pity session, complete with hugs and tears. Later on that day, I felt much better when all of a sudden I received an unexpected call from Dr. Mazumdar who was checking on my progress. I made the insane mistake of being totally honest with him and his response was to send the police to take me to the ER for a "discussion". The discussion lasted about 30 minutes and resulted in me being handed a brochure of local help-centers. Now all I needed was a ride home.

When a cop car pulled up at the ER door, I smiled, thinking they were going to be nice enough to give me a ride home. That was my last pleasant thought for a while.

"Are you my ride home?", I asked the officer. He responded, "No ma'am, I have a warrant for your arrest on a traffic charge from 1991." Once again, life began to get interesting as I stood there, stunned. I KNEW it had to be a mistake but I soon learned that it was not. Nothing had been done to address those twenty year old charges and in addition to the traffic tickets, I also had a Failure To Appear to which I had to answer.

I had my explanation, but as I said, when I thought about it Thursday night, I realized how stupid I had been in thinking that anyone but myself could have resolved the issue. Funny, in the past 20 years, it never occurred to me until that moment how ridiculous my logic was. Nevertheless, that's how I got to jail Thursday night.

Friday morning I had 2 court dates, one for the Failure To Appear and another in traffic court. I was lead to the 18th Circuit Court of DuPage County for the FTA warrant first. Soon after I arrived, I was taken in front of the judge, handcuffed to a wheelchair due to health reasons. She quickly and unceremoniously looked at me and said, "This case is dismissed."

Stunned once again, I said, "Excuse me?" to which she repeated herself, "The case is dismissed." I was fuzzy headed but I kinda assumed gratitude was in order so I thanked Her Honor and was rolled into traffic court, still quite emotional and drained, physically, psychologically, emotionally and spiritually.

There I met the Public Defender who said to me, "This is a traffic charge from 1991, I'm taking it to trial." She didn't ask me for my side or any questions related to the charge itself. When she and I went before the Judge, she simply said, "Your Honor, we're pleading Not Guilty and we want a jury trial."

His Honor laughed and said, "This is the oldest case on the books so you two figure out a date for trial." The prosecutor and my attorney decided on March 14th, so I have a new court date.

I called my father to ask him why the attorney would be so confident in my chances for an acquittal and he said he couldn't know without seeing the file. But he DID say that it was insane to press charges for the ticket after saying, "We don't mind that you never came to court for this charge." Whatever.

I have to call the attorney to find out her thoughts and then I'll have a better grasp on the situation, but that's it for now.

Because of Dr. Mazumdar's original complaint, I was kept in a 6X6 foot cell with a door that had a window and a slot for meals, like I usually see on TV. I didn't receive my medications until yesterday morning so I spent a lot of time trying to remain calm so that I didn't stroke out again or have a heart attack. It probably would have been easier if I weren't so claustrophobic.

While you're in jail, you know nothing of the attempts to get you out. I knew that my friend was prepared to do it Thursday night but they moved me from one jail to another while she was pulling into the parking lot...too late to bond me out.

Friday, the weather kept her from making the lengthy drive but I didn't know that. I had no idea why I was still alone in a box. By Saturday morning, I asked if there was a "hold" on me from some other local agency that I might have slighted and then forgotten about. The deputy said that there wasn't so I knew all that was keeping me there was a $300 bond...which started at $1,100 but was lowered after 2 of the charges were dismissed. It was now just a matter of time before I would be free.

As I said, Saturday morning, they finally gave me most of my meds so I was feeling much better. I knew my friend (Kelly, by the way) is afraid to drive in any sort off weather but I had no clue what the conditions were like outside. I began to worry that she wouldn't come get me out before the Bears game today. But some time around 2 PM yesterday, the deputy opened my sliding metal door and told me that I had made bond.

I didn't sleep the ENTIRE time I was in custody, mainly because of my fear of death, but the fact that I was in a cell with a 6 million watt fluorescent light didn't help matters. BTW, I didn't eat ANY of the county's fine cuisine...I felt too badly. But, I did notice that each and every unidentifiable meal, whether they be breakfast, lunch or dinner, smelled exactly the same. That truly had me perplexed and, for the second time in my life, absolutely terrified of food.

Well, I got home, took my medicine, including a sleeping pill and (after I called concerned family members) I went to bed and slept until 5 AM when I woke up and watched 2 episodes of Lock Up. There's nothing they can show on TV that allows you to feel the feeling that one feels when they are locked up, just trust me...it blows.

As I've told you this story, the sun has come up and it's a special day in Chicago. We'll be having friends over to watch the Bears game so I have to go bathe the jail residual off of me and put on some of my own clothes. I'll go now but before I do, let me say this...To the nit wit nurse at DuPage County Jail who was walking around the jail wearing her Green Bay paraphernalia in the midst of some pent up, angry Bears fans, good luck. Not for the game, but for yourself should things go badly for you. One more thing, take a bath, you smell like an ash tray.


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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

It's that time again...

...when the government sets us up for a huge math problem that they can answer themselves. They call it a tax return but rarely do they actually return anything.

They purposely send you a large workbook written in a language that can't be understood by most and then they have an answer sheet that you need to fill out. And THEN, you have to swear to your answer, under penalty of perjury. I'm not sure what that penalty is but it can't be good.

No matter how much money we send the government, they still can't seem to teach our kids math and then they threaten to penalize us for not being able to answer their stupid math questions. Seems like a sting operation to me.

Every year I fill out their silly form and send it to them and then they send it back telling me that I made a math error, I forgot a W-2 form or some such silliness. If they knew that crap in the first place, why did they ask me to do it? I'm fed up with those idiots.


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Saturday, January 15, 2011

If life were fair...

...I would have been treated with the utmost of care while I was in the hospital. I've been giving loving care to my patients for more decades than I care to admit. As a teenager and a Nursing Assistant (Before they had CNA's), I was mature enough to realize that my patients were someones parents, children or siblings. Somebody loved them like I love my family and I treated them as I would want to be treated if I were the patient. Also, I enjoyed my work. I truly LIKED my patients, even when they were difficult...I love a challenge. It's the rare difficult patient that can't be calmed by a kind word and a gentle touch.

Last month the tables were turned and I was the patient. While most of the nursing staff performed somewhere between adequate and superb, there were a few of them who should have worked in the Operating Room with sleeping patients, never with awake, ill people.

As I said, I had another bleed and since I couldn't sleep, they gave me a hideous drug called Lunesta. You may have seen the butterflies in the Lunesta commercial...I think vultures would have been more appropriate. It made me loopy and agitated, (I asked a nurse for a print out of the drug and read those side effects. I couldn't hold still, I certainly couldn't stay in my small hospital room. I was claustrophobic and scared. I didn't know where to go but I knew I had to go somewhere beside the little hospital room. As a nurse, I would have taken such a patient and sat them right outside the nurses station so that they would feel less frightened and I could keep an eye on them.

I received no such patience the staff at Central DuPage Hospital on floor 5 Center on that Friday night.

First, as I was trying to walk around the unit in the middle of the night, a large, large man who didn't talk to me at all, he simply blocked my way wherever I went.He looked like he was going to chest bump me and he was so close to me a that I could see the hate in his eyes. He was a Patient Care Tech named Harold and I have a feeling he was racist, I doubt he would have had the same hate in his eyes for a black woman that he shot at me. His posture and the look on his face was ABSOLUTELY one that said, "You're confused, you can't tell anyone and if you did, no one would believe you anyway. I was more afraid of him than I was of the brain surgery I was about to undergo. If I met him a in dark alley, I would run like Forrest Gump.

Another staff member found me in the same state, claustrophobic and afraid. Instead of using kindness (or at least xanax) to calm me dow she too, blocked my way and wouldn't let me walk away from the room that was scaring me. When I told her that I was afraid of my room, she simply responded, "There's no place else for you to go." She wasn't saying it with kindess...something you come to expect from "Angels of Mercy". For years nurses have been sitting confused, agitated and frightened patients outside the nurses station yet neither one of these had the kindness in their heart to offer me that option. She could have even offered to help me walk around the unit, it was the middle of the night and not a whole lot was going on.

I know that doctors and nurses make the worst patients but there's a good reason for that...we see what the staff is doing wrong. I figured out that my behavior was due to the Lunesta, not one of those nit wits even considered it.

At the beginning of every shift, a nurse is supposed to do a full body assessment on each patient and then enter the results in a computer. It's not tough considering the COW (computer on wheels) is rolled right into the patients room. I was at that hospital for 3 weeks and maybe 4 nurses did the assessment on me. I know the tricks they use, they simply enter the same findings that the nurse before them had entered. When I was working, I would find an irregular heartbeat during my assessment that was never mentioned in ANY other nurses assessment. I knew enough to go and read the Doctors' notes where I would usually find out that the arrhythmia was normal for that patient. But shame on the nurses who didn't do their own assessments!!! How would they know if a sore or an infection began on their shift or the last shift? How would they even know there WAS a pressure sore on the patients backside?

I have a habit of writing things down and even in my agitated state, I continued to do so. I had forgotten about Harold's emotional abuse until I read my notes. Luckily, I came around after some blood transfusion and the surgery, but Harold and that skank who wouldn't let me out of my room must not have thought that I would. That makes me wonder what they do to people who are totally out of it. I've fired people for abusing patients, some of the abusers would be the last ones you would have ever expected, and I've done it with gusto. The idea of abusing patients is foreign to me and I would never have thought that I would fall victim to it myself, I don't know why I didn't, I guess I thought nurses would treat one of their own extra special nice.

But, a nurse who is a patient is no longer a nurse, she is a patient and as I've said a thousand times, "The squeaky wheel gets the oil." People seem to think that if they're kind to the nurses, the nurses will be kind to their loved ones. It doesn't work that way. If you want to ensure good care for your loved one, bitch, whine and complain like the family member from hell. Think about it, if you had 2 patients to care for and they both needed pain medicine, which one would you medicate first? The one whose family never shows up or never complains, or would you want to be sure you made the patient with the demanding family comfortable first?

More to come on this subject and on the emails from hell.


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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Link to cute joke



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Abby's Antics

I can't reach the bologna!!!

There aren't any holes in these socks...I'll fix that for you.


You can grab my collar all you want, it's still MY TOY!

My dream is to be a circus dog.

I'll sit in snow, but not for more than 3 seconds. LET ME IN!


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When I began to post...

...the emails that Kelly had access to, I had planned onconcentrating on Ron and his antics. I will still do that, but since Denise is obsessing on her part in the betrayal of Kelly, I wanted to address her today. There will be plenty of time to get to Ron's shenanigans. He is truly the epitome of a scaramouche.

Anyway, for now I'll deal with Denise, Kelly's sister. The common thinking is that she drinks quite a bit every night and her emails are always sent sometime around midnight. For some reason, she seems to think that I'm behind her nasty emails. Here are some examples:




I've known Kelly for 40 years...not almost 40 years, but a full 40 years. I love her and as a person who does love her, I want her to be surrounded by as many people who love her as possible. I want her to have a great support system. Blaming me for any of this doesn't change the fact that YOU betrayed your sister for years. Placing the blame on everyone else seems to be a habit with you. You've even blamed Kelly! You started to say nice things to her but you qualified them all with a comment explaining how Kelly deserved your betrayal:

I never betrayed you. When I have talked to you over the past 10 years all you did was talk and talk and talk. You never let me talk. All you did and still do is talk about nothing that means anything. You ramble about thigs from 20 years ago. I still want to see you and the kids and Clarence.I know Margie has been there for you great you hurt me to the core when you said I was never there for you. I was here everytime you called. You never told me the real TRUTH about the things that were going on.

Lets try and start a new tommorow. Today has to be the first day of our life. I love you. I want to have you and the kids in my life.. Also you NEVER had anything to do with me kids lives PLAYS CONCERTS GRADUATIONS but you expect me to have a part in your kids?

Denise, it was nice of you to ask Kelly to start again...but why did you need to follow it up by calling her a rotten aunt? Where is the apology? All of your emails are nothing but further attacks on Kelly, try reading them when you're sober some time. By the way, simply answering a phone is NOT "being there" for someone. I answered her calls and I also listened to her talk on and on because I love her and I could hear the pain in her voice. One other thing...I never once spoke about her behind her back, especially with a husband from which she had a bitter divorce.

I don't care how close you were to Ron. This situation calls for a complete halt of any relationship with him, with NO exceptions. Even your own husband doesn't like the man...most real men DON'T! After a contentious divorce, I wouldn't keep in touch with an ex of my sisters', my brothers' my best friends' or any person I cared for. Times like those call for a decision and you made yours. It's a shame you didn't choose your only sister. I've been here since June...I haven't seen you visit once nor have I heard you invite Kelly and her little family over to your home. NOT EVEN FOR THE HOLIDAYS!

I hope you and Kelly do find a way to mend your relationship. Let me give you a clue, accept responsibility for what you did and stop blaming Kelly, me and everyone else but yourself.

PS. Does Kelly know I have her password? I can't believe you actually asked that. I'm not the one who betrayed her, you are. She and I read your emails, jaw-dropped, daily...after SHE enters her password.


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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Videos I made when I was bored


Anonymous Anonymous said...

are you drunk?

March 12, 2011  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

No, are you? I don't drink.

March 13, 2011  

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Arlington Heights...

...behave or I will stop behaving myself.



Blogger Meg Kelso said...

Eensure that my comments add to and not detract from our site we have put a formal comment policy in place.

People pay me to post business links, I don't do it for free.

January 11, 2011  

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If for one minute...

..I thought that government funded health care would help the insane state of medical care in this country, I would be all over it. But I rarely believe that the federal government is the answer to all of the ills of society.

Over the past 3 years, I've been having strokes and seizures, mostly caused by an aneurysm in my brain. When I would suffer a stroke or seizure, I would go to the ER, of course. If I was lucky, they would keep me for a few days but do nothing except control my pain.

Fast forward to this past December...a small brain bleed sent me to the hospital again but there was one HUGE difference...I NOW AM INSURED!

So, what does an insured person get that uninsured people do not get? First of all, they decided to stent and coil the aneurysm that could have killed me anytime should it have blown. Not only that, I had consults of all kinds, from docs to physical therapists, occupational therapists and speech therapists.

I needed NONE of them. I got rid of the physical therapy by traipsing through the hall on the floor where I was, I got rid of the occupational therapist by getting dressed by myself and the speech therapist was the easiest of all. I simply said, slowly and clearly, "I do NOT need a speech therapist. I can use smaller words if you don't get it." She couldn't leave quickly enough.

Not only was I eligible for every possible service IN the hospital, they decided that I needed home nursing so now a nurse comes by once a week to take my vital signs which my friend could do just as easily. The entire first visit consisted of taking my vital signs which took 3 minutes. The rest of the 45 minute visit was nothing but a nurse gathering my insurance information.

Anyone of my seizures or strokes could have been fatal yet the repair of the aneurysm wasn't worth attempting until I was insured. After 3 years of living with numerous neurological deficits such as stuttering, double vision, a numb face and loss of balance, the only symptom that got my problem fixed was insurance.

Now THAT makes me ill.


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It didn't take long...

...for Kelly's sister to read her own words on this blog. The general assumption is that Denise has a drinking problem and by midnight she's usually 3 sheets to the wind so that's when she calls Kelly. She called at 1 AM to deny that she ever said anything negative about Kelly but she must not have understood the ramifications of what I wrote...Kelly has emails from years ago until last month in which Denise clearly sided with Ron over Kelly. It's one thing to remain friends with in laws after a divorce but if the only thing 2 people have in common is a shared disdain for a 3rd party, that is an unforgivable considering the fact that Denise is Kelly's sister, and her ONLY sister at that. (Of course Kelly and I have adopted each other as sisters, we're closer than any sisters out there. After 40 years, I think we qualify.)

A couple of things that weren't in any of the letters were facts such as this, Kelly and Denise used to do day care in their homes. Once a week they would get together and let the kids play in a large group. No one is calling Denise a racist, but the fact is that when Kelly started watching a little black baby, those visits stopped for good.

Secondly, when Kelly and Ron went to China to adopt a little girl, Denise had promised to keep their older son so that they could make the trip. At the last minute, Denise backed out, leaving Kelly to scramble to find another person to keep the boy or give up the chance to adopt the girl. No one knows why but Kelly thinks it is further bigotry on Denise's part. It could be a coincidence that a sisterly relationship stopped when Kelly's home became full of children of varying ethnicities, you make the call. Here is Kelly's response to Denise's denials:

You are lying again. you said you talked to Ron over 2 years ago. If so how do you explain this e-mail YOU wrote in March last year when you were telling me Jason was over medicated on HALDOL> (Kelly is referring to one of the emails a couple of posts down.)
Like I said I love you but your first loyalty is to me and the kids. You just never saw the burn marks and bruises on me and the kids. It took me a long time to decide my marriage was abusive. Pat DID rent that house for me and the kids. He saw Rons drug addiction. It takes one to know one.

You can defend your self about not being friends with Ron back last year but remember "if it looks like a duck, and quacks like a duck chances are IT IS A DUCK. Also I used to tell you I could not talk to you in front of the kids as they listen to all my calls and EVERY one elses. Ron always left his computer on and Jason had read a lot him self. Once he told me "why don't we see uncle mike and Denise. Is dad being friends with her hurting your feelings".I THOUGHT you enjoyed when I came over with the kids and Charles.Also what do you mean by him getting my shoes, food or what ever.I got his food, drove his kids around, cleaned his skid marks out of his underwear,gave him money for cigs(that he had quit smoking), shopped for mountain do and made shure he had his stadol (his drug ofchoice) picked up in time even if it meant I had to be late volunteering at the food pantry or PADS for the homeless. Then he would say all the bruises were from the homeless men when the failed the breathalyzer along with the burns and had to turn them away. Then I would come home to Ron sleeping on the recliner and Jacob in a wet bed and Ellen wide awake biting on her hand. Once again someone put a dime in me and I tell you it has all to do with your betrayal.

You hurt me a lot and now I wonder why you stopped going to therapy. Or was that a lie too?If not please for the sake of any relationship we may have get a therapy session. asap.Maybe Ron could go with you. love Kelly

Anyone who has read this blog knows that I was abused by my ex. I know what happens to a woman who slowly loses herself in an abusive relationship. Kelly is EXACTLY like I was after my divorce. I got her on anti-depressants and she's in therapy so she WILL find herself again!

By the way, how tough would it be to apologize?


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Monday, January 10, 2011

I'm taking a moment away from the betrayal marathon to talk about MEEEE!!! Today I went to the doctor for a follow up visit. It seems as though I came rather close to kicking the bucket and I didn't even know. I knew it was bad but I never realized how close I was to deciding to follow the white light or hang around to haunt my evil ex husband. I'll tell you this, for true, if I were a ghost I would mess with that bastard as a ghost that looks like this:

But, my haunting days will have to wait for now and I just have to be happy that I survived. I don't know all what I told you but I almost bled to death internally. When I came to, there were tubes of strangers' blood flowing into my veins.

I used to donate blood so much that I had 2 "Gallon Club" cards that I was proud of. The fact that I am O negative, which is the universal donor, made it uber-special to me. After I married a putz, too many good things in my life stopped. I won't let that happen again. As soon as the docs give me the OK, I will start donating blood again and I hope you guys do to.

Now that the aneurysm is fixed, I'm going to try to get my entire life back. It won't be the same, but it will be a life...a better life! Being sick sucks and saps the life out of you.

A 30 year old neighbor of mine whom I spoke to often as he walked his dog or pushed his daughter down the sidewalk in her stroller down my street has an aneurysm that he didn't know about. He found out about it when it ruptured unexpectedly and his young wife and his mother are devastated. At this point the prognosis is grim.

I don't know why I was spared when a young father has lost most, if not all of his faculties. His survival isn't even certain. But he has gotten this far with the help of donor blood. Please, go out of your way to give the gift that truly IS the gift of life.

I'll never known whose blood I have pulsing through my veins but I thank everyone who has ever donated blood. Because of all of you, there was enough for me and my neighbor. In this case, it truly is the gift of life that we give when we donate blood.

Well, enough for that...I'm off my soapbox for now. I'll be back later, it's Family Guy night!


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Sunday, January 09, 2011

Now Denise and Ron are exchanging emails in which they both assume that they are doctors. The meds that one of the kids was put on is for a disease that he inherited from his father. If Ron had taken them, he wouldn't be such a loser today. Kelly is doing everything she knows to do in order to raise a normal young man. As you read this, remember that these 2 yahoos are kissing each others ass, not discussing reality. Kelly has never kept her kids from their father, she needs the time off.

Yes I still see the kids every other weekend whenever Kelly will let me, she trys to make it as hard on me as she can and thinks of any excuse for me not to take them but most of the time I get to have them. I am living with my daughter Jessie and her husband Jason right now, but we go and stay at Angies whenever I have visitation with the kids cause Jacob and Jessie do not get along.
yes I have been talking to a lady from teh philippines and the kids know her and talk to her on the IM. She is very sweet and kind, I met her on a business trip to her country when I was working for Kinney Electric. I will attach a picture of her so you can know what she looks like and we hope someday to have her come here and we will see what happens. After Kelly I am a lot more cautious about knowing her a lot better before I will even think about something perminate, I have to thank Kelly for that at least as I am not in a hurry to move into anything new when it comes to relationships and I know now that Kelly and i should have dated a lot longer before making the decission to get married.
Yes I have taken off a lot of weight as I was getting to heavy at 245 so I droped down to about 185 and now I feel so much better, I have a lot more energy and don't feel tired all the time like I used to.
I'm glad that you told Mike that we have been talking and would you please extend a big hello to him for me, you have both been good friends to me and I hope that the friendship can continue even though I am sure that Kelly wants you to hate me and would have a cow if she knew that we had been talking again.

GOD Bless You All,

Ron I.

Ron you have rights as father to see your kids. Kelly can't infringe on the court orders.

I have talked to Kelly on the phone once since OCTOBER .With her being in college and her busy life with the kids. Now we only comminicate by email.
Trust me I am fine with that. She rambles on and on and on about NOTHING. Remember the day I asked you ,who put a dime in her? I have written to her about the fact that she never lets me talk. She says that she is a talkitive person and that I should know that about her.Well I am sorry. Conversations should be a two way thing. Is that what you had to live with? If so I am sorry.

When I saw her at Melissa's wedding, I was shocked. She has gained a lot of weight. And her hair. What the hell is she doing? Cutting her own to save a few bucks? I love her she is my sister, but she makes me so angry. She is so self centered. I am not like her or her brother. my parents I am sure are rolling in their graves about the 2 of them.I spend most of my days volunteering to help people. I am not working outside the house, but I keep the house clean and I take care of Mike. I retired from home daycare 2 years ago because the kids finally got to me.

I want to thank you again for taking the pictures of my dollhouse. I have won a bit of $ because of that house. By the way........ Did Jacob ever tell you about the police station I made him a couple of years ago for his birthday?

Why don't Jessie and Jacob get along? He is a kid. She is a adult. What Kelly tells me about Jacob is that he is on a lot of meds for Bi polar and adhd.

I told Mike you said hi. He said hello back and he hopes you are happy finally. SIS

I know you have never abused Kelly. I never could understand why when she told you to do something like get her shoes or get her food or whatever that you would jump and do it. Mike said it was because you loved her. Fine I get that. After many years of marriage, and being tired of what she did to you and the girls hating her, you finally spoke up.You asked for the divorce. That is what she told me. She got the papers that you filed for the divorce.

All that was 2 years ago. Now on to the present time.I care about you and the two kids. Ron don't you have any input into what is happening with the two kids? Are you aware that your son is on meds for the mentally unstable? Look it up HALADOL SIS

Kelly filed for divorce. There are more lies in these emails than there is truth. Alcohol is a crazy drug.


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Thursday, January 06, 2011

Sister Disloyalty

Kelly's sister, Denise, got Ron's e-mail addy from an e-mail that Kelly sent her with Ron's addy in the CC list. This is the first e-mail Denise sent to Ron...SHE started the communications:

Ron how the hell are you? I miss talking to you. WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED WITH YOU AND Kelly? I can't believe you divorced after all the struggles to get pregnant then finally have a beautiful son. Then to adopt a wonderful child from China.
I finally got a forwarded email from Kelly that I paid a ttention to the forward personal email address.

Still what the hell happened to the two of you? She told me it was because of alienation of affection. I don't think she knows what that means.
If you want to talk answer this email if not I am fine with that. I still miss you. SIS

yes I would love to talk with you but about Kelly and I well I am sure that she has already told you what a bad person I am. What happened had been building for a few years and I guess I just got tired of constantly being told that everything I knew was wrong, i also got very tired of being given ultramatums such as "My way or the highway" and the constant controling. We were seeing a marriage councler and they suggested that we spend a couple of weeks away from each other and we agreed so I left for two weks and then we were supposed to get together and talk about our feelings, when I cam back after the twoo weeks apart she said she didn't want me back soI went and stayed with Angie. About four weeks after that she said I could come back but only under her rules, by then I was about fed up with her and told her that i didn't think so. It always had to be her way or else and that is a oneway street that no one can live with for long.
She has pulled all kind of things to get what she wants and she did get everything and I mean totally everything, but in my view of things she has been planning this for many years and looking back I can now see it, when she bought the van she refused to put my name on the title but her name had to go on the pickup, then about a year before we split she wanted to refinance the house and she told me that she could get a better rate if it was only her name on the loan, by then I was starting to see what she was doing and I refused to sign off on that which she was furious about. She had been setting me up for a long time but it didn't matter because she ended up with everything because she toold a lie in court and was able to sneak the divorce papers that she wanted through the court, I was divorce for almost two months before I evben knew it.
I guess thats enough for now but you probably know as well as anyone and so I don't know if I need to say any more, I would love to talk with you and mike as you were always good friends and treated me well. So if you want too you can write me anytime and I will be glad to answer, take care and GOD bless you.

Best Regards,

BY THE WAY, I've known Kelly for 40 years and I have never ONCE heard her use the phrase "my way or the highway".

Ron Kelly will not understand this. She can't know we talk OK? I have not even told Mike I have talked to you. He would be ok with it but I feel ackward about telling him, as we have not spoken in over 2 years.

I do believe you are right that Kelly would probably not understand why we are still talking cause I am sure that she would not like it, I will not be the one to tell her as I do not talk with her any more than I have to and usually only about the kids when I do. But I have always enjoyed talking with you and would like it if we could stay in touch, as far as Mike is concerned I would have no problem with him knowing that we talk but that would be a decision that you would have to make and it would have to be you that would tell him but he has always been good to me and I have always considered you both as my friends. Take care and GOD bless you both.


Hey Ron I still care about you. My sister has only told me one side of the story. There are two sides of a pancake, I know that. I told Mike we are talking and he is totally fine with that
Kelly wants me to hate you. I can't and don't. I care about you. You have never done anything to hurt Mike or me.
I just want to remain friends... SIS

Ron how are and the kids doing? You still see them everyother weekend right? are still living with Angie? Kelly told me you have a girlfriend from overseas. Do the kids know about her? Kelly said you have lost a lot of weight. Are you OK? SIS

Yes I still see the kids every other weekend whenever Kelly will let me, she trys to make it as hard on me as she can and thinks of any excuse for me not to take them but most of the time I get to have them. I am living with my daughter Jessie and her husband Jason right now, but we go and stay at Angies whenever I have visitation with the kids cause Jacob and Jessie do not get along.
yes I have been talking to a lady from teh philippines and the kids know her and talk to her on the IM. She is very sweet and kind, I met her on a business trip to her country when I was working for Kinney Electric. I will attach a picture of her so you can know what she looks like and we hope someday to have her come here and we will see what happens. After Kelly I am a lot more cautious about knowing her a lot better before I will even think about something perminate, I have to thank Kelly for that at least as I am not in a hurry to move into anything new when it comes to relationships and I know now that Kelly and i should have dated a lot longer before making the decission to get married.
Yes I have taken off a lot of weight as I was getting to heavy at 245 so I droped down to about 185 and now I feel so much better, I have a lot more energy and don't feel tired all the time like I used to.
I'm glad that you told Mike that we have been talking and would you please extend a big hello to him for me, you have both been good friends to me and I hope that the friendship can continue even though I am sure that kelly wants you to hate me and would have a cow if she knew that we had been talking again.

GOD Bless You All,
Ron I.

BY THE WAY...Ron never went so far as the next suburb on any business trips, he sure as hell didn't go to the Philippines...he just used cash he didn't have for child support and went to get a piece of ass from Ning with it. If I didn't know Kelly like I do, I might believe the crap he wrote about her. But I know her too well to fall for any of it. You would THINK that her own sister would know better as well.

Much, much more to come!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

be careful repeating others e-mails, isn't there a case where a man is being prosecuted for breaking into his wife's e-mail, could get 7 years...

January 07, 2011  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

I heard about that. Thank God I'm not in Michigan!

January 08, 2011  
Anonymous ex wife #4 said...

If he gives you his password and never changed it that would not be "breaking" into his e-mail.I know first hand he could break into Kellys house as he had the garage door opener for the last 4 years. He could have "stolen" all the tools HE THOUGHT were his that Kelly is still paying off as of this post.

January 08, 2011  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

Exactly. He's bit of a druggie and probably forgot that he gave her permission to read his email. Oh course, he's not the fastest turtle in the race. We can't prove he's robbed the garage but anyone else would have had to break in and there were no signs of a break in, it appeared as though a key was used to get in.

And yes, Kelly IS still paying off all of the tools she bought for the "family business" but unfortunately, Ron couldn't make a living watching TV.

January 09, 2011  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

By the way, a good friend of mine and I were discussing this situation and she mentioned the show Cheaters. How is any of this differen from that show? I think I'd rther be a faceless name online that a full-faced idiot on TV.

January 09, 2011  

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A Relationship With A Philipino Woman: The Beginning

I didn't know where...

...to start with all of these e-mails but I wanted to start with something relatively good. I can save some of them for later even though it's killing me to keep ANYTHING back, especially considering the "jig is up" and at this point I could tell you everything. But, I had to present them in some sort of order so I decided to start with Ron's relationship with a chick he met on a site called LoveHappens. Ron began his online affairs with women NOT American (usually Asian) because, as he explained to his daughter, American women don't know how to treat a man, they're too spoiled." Anyway, here is the first e-mail from Ning, a woman from the Philippines with whom Ron had a very long online relationship that eventually turned into an offline relationship when Ron went to visit Ning a couple of times. As you read, see if you can tell that Ning was looking for a ticket to America...I found it obvious:

Thu, 31 May 2007

From Ning To Ron:

Dear Ron,

Its so wonderful seeing my email with your long letter. But let me first extend my warmest "hello" to you! And hope you're doingwell and good upon receiving this letter.
For me it seems that I have known you for a long time and that I always have to check my email if I got lines from you. Funny but its true, so don't forget to reply ha? Thanks so much for all the qualities you have mentioned about me andmind you I can also feel that you are the same person. You said you have 4 children and the 2 are happily married. The other 2 young kids are living with you? Am I right in assuming you adopted both of them? Then, you're really one of a kind, a very generous guy. So, you are divorced for a long time? Or you got married again? Am sorry I have so many questions its ok if you can't asnswer it.
You have a very good job and interesting too. My youngest brother is also working as CAD Designer only he designed roads, bridges and railways. What do you do for a break or your hobbies?
I also have a grandchild, shes a girl. My daughter is living with her husband but shes still studying because I want her to finish her course, HOTEL and RESTAURANT MANAGEMENT, on her 3rd year college. She is still too young, I was so downed when this happened to her and I can't accept it, as if I want to leave this world because shes my precious one! But HE is up there and I prayed and HE gave me the light, and now am ok and am happy with their little girl. My mother is living with me and the woman who takes care of her coz am working.
Wish we could talk online, I think its much better if you won't mind? How about on weekends? Or your off days? I hope we could find the chance to meet, take care of yourself.
My best regards and will be waiting again a reply from you.
its me,


Hi Ning,
I was overjoyed to hear from you, it is so refreshing to meet a nice person online. All the "icebreakers" were just fine and it did get the idea across. Thats why I sent my regular e-mail address in hopes that you would then be able to write to me.
Yes I did see the picture of you and your daughter, she is a beautiful young lady and I can see where she gets it from (her mom is beautiful too). I think that you are a beautiful person with a lovely spirit and a very special outlook on life that is so good to find in someone in these days and times.
I believe you also to be a very sincere, decent and responsible person with a kind and gentle heart. Such rare qualities to find in a person today and that o me makes you such a special friend to find. I am hoping that as time goes on we might get to know each other better and maybe we could become best friends, to me that has got to be where it all starts and everything from there will be special and wonderful.
I work as an Electriacl Designer for the engineering department of a local company using computer aided design (cad) software. The company designs and fabricates the electrical controls for the cranes that load and offload the cargo containers from cargo ships. We do business all over the world for companies like Mitsubishi and TMGE. It is very interesting work and I have been doing this type of design for over 20 years so I think I'm to the point where I can hold my own at work.
I have 4 children and 3 grandkids, my two older girls I raised by myself from ages 9 and 10. They are on there own now and doing very well, they both have wonderful men that take good care of them. My 2 younger kids are 9 and 6 and they are both the center of my life right now. The 9 year old is a typical all boy and loves to play outside and do anything outdoorsey. The girl likes all the girl things, especially dressing up. She was adopted from china and is the sunshine on my life with seldom a cross word and always going the extra mile to be the peacemaker.
My IM address is about the same as my EM address just a little shorter, however due to the time difference I don't know how many times we'll be able to connect. But anyway it is as follows halojumper and windoows live messenger.
I too will be out of town for the weekend so I hope you get this before you leave for your weekend out, but if it doesn't then hopefully I'll have a nice surprise when I return. I have my kids this weekend and am taking them to an airshow in Rockford, Il. It's their first airshow and they are so excited about going especially the boy because the "Blue Angels" Navy flight team is going to perform and he wants to see them so bad.
Well, must go spend time with the girl whom I have for the evening and I must have her back by 8pm so have to go for now.
Take care and may God be with you and protect you on your travels this weekend. I hope that this e-mail finds you in good health and good spirits and That each day is filled with nothing but sunshine for you. Till we talk again, bye for now.


Hi Ron,
How are you??
First I would like to say how glad I am we'v met. And then, to say I'm sorry that I threw so many "icebreakers" on you. Am thinking its the only way I could catch your attention and made you realize that maybe I could not use the service of LoveHappens in sending lines back to you. Am sorry I don't use or use any credit cards, that is why, I think you are a very decent, sincere and interesting person.
Now am here, and maybe as we go along, we will get to know each other better. Am a widow with one daughter (if you have seen my pic with her), just like you am a God fearing person, a Roman Catholic. I presently work as a Technical Assistant in one of the government offices here.
My ym ID is the same, ninglesmon, maybe you wish to send offlines. How about yours? I usually get online when I arrived from the office, its nighttime here and morning there. Oh, by the way, I will be going out of town tomorrow til sunday morning.
Till here, I will be waiting for your reply and thanks so much, take care always.

its me,

Now, I'm not exactly sure how many lies Ron told in his e-mail but off the top of my head, his son' favorite thing to do in the entire world is the same as Ron's favorite thing...he LOVES to sit on a recliner and watch TV. The only "outdoorsey" thing he does is walk to and from the car when it's time to go to McDonald's. He also lied about his job BIG TIME but I guess it's all good because he ended the e-mail with religious stuff. Oh, and by the way, I have no clue what Ning was talking about when she discussed her daughter.

As soon as Kelly gets back from the store I'll grab an e-mail from her sister and stick it up here. Back soon!


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Hello y'all!!!

Yesterday I was discharged from the hospital AGAIN so I have to apologize for my absence of late. But, I have a really cool January for you guys to look forward to. I can finally let loose with a secret because a "joke" that's been going on for years has finally, after all these years, come to a conclusion. The "punch line" has been thrown and after you tell the punch line once, the gig is up and it's no longer a worthwhile joke to tell.

I have been in on a secret that I can't believe I kept for this long. Ya see...this is what went down:

My friend (Kelly) was divorced over 3 years ago. Before she and her husband separated, he gave her the password to his e-mail account and permission to go on whenever she wanted to. Somehow he was stupid enough to forget that he gave her the password because he never changed it. NEVER. EVER. NOT ONCE.

Over the past few years, Kelly has been reading her ex's e-mails. She has had access to every single e-mail that her ex has sent to other women since before they were separated...and in all the years since. She has had access to his bank accounts during an entire divorce where he tried to hide money but somehow could not seem to do it. She has read all of the e-mails, from his friends, his lawyers, his family and HER SISTER!!! Yep, Kelly's own sister has been in contact with Kelly's ex and not in a good way. Eventually I'll post those so you'll see what I mean.

This is going to be good.

If you think about your main e-mail account and everything in it, you'll see how easy it is to garner more than enough information about the owner of any given e-mail account. Kelly has basically been INSIDE her ex's head for years and he has had no clue. Join me as I let you into the mind of a true nimrod. I don't know how Kelly was able to keep her mouth shut for so long...I doubt that I could have done it myself. Sooner or later something would have made me so mad that I would have let the cat out of the bag. But somehow, Kelly kept her secret to herself...and me.

Even after she read negative things that her own sister told the ex, she would chat on the phone with the sister as though nothing had happened. That alone would have made me give up the secret. But not Kelly.

She read e-mails that her ex wrote to girlfriends, relatives and legal advice websites. He has a dreadful habit of lying to make himself look good and Kelly look bad, so, when he wrote to girlfriends about his evil ex, his stories vaguely resembled the truth. You, too, will be able to laugh as you read the ramblings of a slightly warped, bi-polar and totally dishonest mind.

After Kelly kept her secret very close, the ex suddenly (and finally!) changed his password. I never would have imagined that he would have gone this long without changing it but luckily for me and you, he absolutely DID go this long without performing the most basic of all computer security measures. We don't know why he finally DID decide to change the password but now that he has, the "gig is up" so there's no reason not to enjoy what's left.

When Kelly first told me about this a few years ago, I told her that I would keep her secret but when the shit hit the fan, I wanted to be able to write about it all. So, my loyalty and Kelly's undying patience have finally paid off. The day has come when I can post the inanity of a man going through a divorce. Come see the desperation, the manipulation and the mental deterioration of a man on his way out of love. It WILL be fun.



Blogger Karin's Korner said...

WOW Meg, Kelly is more of a woman then I would be! I would be so bitter that I would have to say something also...HER SISTER OMG!! Really!! How did she ever keep her cool?? Can't wait to read on.

By the way..hope you are feeling better and Here's to you getting released from the hospital!! YAY!!

January 06, 2011  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

Oh yeah girl, this is gonna be good! I could never have kept my mouth shut for so long...I wanted to blog about it years ago when she would read me the stupid things that he had written.

Thanks for the good wishes, I'm SO happy to be out of the hospital...now the trick is gonna be STAYING out!


January 06, 2011  
Blogger Meg Kelso said...

I would already have a few of the emails up except for the fact that Kelly has been on the phone since I was halfway done writing this post. Now I've waited another hour and I need for her to go into her e-mail account so that I can send all of his e-mails to me. That way it'll be easier to post them up here. So, if she ever gets off the phone, I will start the fun and with over 3 years worth of e-mails to post, I'm sure I can keep you guys busy and laughing for the rest of the month!

January 06, 2011  

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